Riscky’s Barbeque is a staple in the Fort Worth cuisine community. Even more quintessential Fort Worth than Riscky’s, is the Fort Worth Stockyards. Together, these two provide an authentic Cowtown Experience. Dallas Food Nerd was recently able visit three locations within this iconic chain and try out some menu items on the legendary Exchange Avenue in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

First in the trifecta, was a visit to Riscky’s Barbeque. While here, we had the opportunity to try out one of the most recent menu additions, the Patrón Smoked Sea Salt Margarita. Having rolled out only two weeks ago, the salt on this libation is smoked in the same pit as the brisket and chicken. This drink is now being served at all full service Risky’s Barbeque restaurants. This mixture of Patrón , Grand Mariner and Cuatro is sure to satisfy any margarita craving you may have. The smoked sea salt definitely packs a punch that levels up your average margarita.


In addition to the margarita, we were able to try another unique offering: brisket bites. Riscky’s is the largest buyer of prime brisket in the whole country and in this appetizer, they take the smoked prime brisket, cut it into cubes, fry it and serve it with BBQ ranch. They’ve done an excellent job of trimming the fat, so you get a crunchy batter exterior with tender brisket inside. It is very reminiscent of a dish you’d find at the State Fair of Texas.


Next up, was Trailboss Burgers, which is conveniently located next door to Riscky’s Barbeque. Trailboss’ claim to fame is that they have the  “biggest variety of burgers in the Stockyards including Buffalo Burgers.” We tried out the staple cheeseburger and Philly Cheesesteak. We opted for pepper jack cheese on the burger and it was dressed with lettuce, pickle, tomato and onions. The burger was served with crinkle cut fries and had a great amount of flavor. The cheese steak was served on a buttery bun with tender beef and delicious red peppers. It was not exactly a standard Philly cheese steak but a great variation of one.



























The last stop in the trio was Riscky’s Steakhouse , which is the epitome of casual fine dining. We started off with a Peach Bellini, which was very sweet. We were so stuffed from the two previous spots that we totally skipped the bread that is normally served while waiting or our main courses.


We were delighted to receive two hearty tastings. First up, was a New York Strip Steak served with beans and a side of caramelized carrots and pecans. The steak was seasoned to perfection and very easy to cut.


The bone-in filet was served with green beans topped with onions and peppers plus a side of beans. The green beans alone are worth a visit, but the filet delivered with flavor.


Finally, the bread pudding was a fantastic way to end this visit out to the  Fort Worth Stockyards. A shareable portion of bread pudding was served and was a beautiful take on this luscious dessert. This could possibly be the best bread pudding in Fort Worth! It was a neat balance of buttery and sugary delight. It is definitely worth a visit to come out and taste.


Riscky’s offers three types of fare, all within walking distance of one another. Venture down to Exchange Avenue in the Fort Worth Stockyards to get an authentic taste of Texas.


(Disclaimer: My menu sampling was complimentary, and all opinions are my own.)