I consider myself quite the lady. I never sit without crossing my ankles or knees, I lift my pinky finger when sipping from a cup and I always say, “Bless you!” when someone sneezes.

But, every now and then, you just have to break the rules of dainty eating to chow down.  Some foods are just not meant to be eaten with utensils – like Fried Chicken or Pizza.  Although I do have friends who try.  I mock them.

Oysters & Shrimp from Flying Fish

Some of my favorite finger foods to eat are oysters on the half shell and boiled shrimp. They remind me of summers at the beach and I can almost smell the ocean air and hear the crashing waves as I am tearing through my tray of delicacies.  If you ever see me slurping down oysters by the dozen, you might dispute my claim to be a lady.  Some foods are so good, they are just worth risking your reputation for…

What are some of your favorite finger foods?

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3 thoughts on “Finger Foods are Good Food”

  1. Pork spring rolls or fresh oysters will win my vote every time. I make ground pork Tex-Mex dumplings at home that I’ve been told are really tasty – I’ve never had a chance to try them because my friends are all greedy thugs.

  2. OK, have to be honest… I’ve never had oysters, but do love a good plate of shrimp! Huge fan of seafood. However, growing up in Texas, I can’t get enough of the Tex-Mex!! And for that, in agreement with RealPoshMom, my finger food of choice is chips and dip. And going with the Tex -Mex theme, I’m gonna go with a new fave, Matt’s Rancho Martinez Bob Armstrong dip – queso, meat, guac, sour cream, and spices! So good!

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