Last week I met up with fellow food nerds Elysa and Kyle to grab some tacos at a new favorite North Dallas haunt – Mexico City: The Gourmet Taco. While the menu is pretty standard, what I really enjoy is that they have lengua (beef tongue for the gringos) available as a filling for your tacos.

So for the week leading up to our little lunch, all I did was tweet and tweet and tweet about how excited I was to eat some lengua. Eventually, Kyle could no longer keep his curiosity at bay and when we got ready to order, he decided to branch out and give a lengua taco a try as well. Elysa stuck to her guns and, for now, remains lengua free.

Kyle ended up really enjoying the food and it got me thinking that if he liked lengua, why wouldn’t he like some other more adventurous fare? So we started talking about an idea to introduce Kyle to the more adventurous world of Dallas food. Ideas like tripe instead of brisket in pho, some tendon or suadero in your tacos, jellyfish or shark fin next time at a Japanese restaurant or maybe some fish head stew from a favorite Chinese spot immediately came to mind. Don’t even get me started on the adventure that is dim sum!

So consider this your introduction to a new (and hopefully soon to be weekly) feature here on Dallas Food Nerd entitled ‘Will Kyle eat it?’ An adventure in Dallas cuisine with one crazy white boy leading a slightly less crazy white boy around town to try some random eats. I wouldn’t call it a spin-off of Bizarre Foods by any stretch, but don’t think I haven’t considered attempting to feed him a random bug on the street.

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  1. I love this! My hubby will eat anything…and when I say anything, I mean anything 🙂 Welcome Kyle to the world of the bizarre! Can’t wait to see what other things you try.

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