When this country was founded, lobster was so prevalent in New England that it was used to feed the prisoners. However, in our lifetime, beautiful fresh shellfish often garners more per pound than the finest beef and thus is treated like a great luxury.

Everyone deserves a treat now and then, and no one offers the kind of treat we encountered at the Lobster Brunch now available at the Crescent Club, the private space located on the 17th floor of the Hotel Crescent Court. We were thrilled to have the chance to experience this amazing brunch, and now know why it is a must visit experience for those seeking the finest experiences in the region.

The Crescent Club is unapologetically old school, and that is something we admire. From the rich maple woodwork that surrounds the space to the classic style of service virtually lost in the dining scene to a soundtrack featuring old friends like Frank, Billie, Tony and Judy, everything in the experience harkens back to a day when we took the time to enjoy elegant accoutrements.

While the $75 per person initially seems like a splurge, when you realize what is included in that experience it begins to feel like a bargain. Lobster Brunch includes two complimentary mimosas, which are served alongside coffee, tea or juices. The broad selection includes a breakfast station featuring everything from crab cake benedict (or a traditional bennie if you prefer), Texas brisket hash, and an omelet station featuring fresh – you guessed it – Maine lobster.

There is a fabulous cold station which showcases not only beautiful salads but an ample iced array of cold seafood including beautifully steamed Gulf shrimp, oversized lobster claws cracked for easy eating and some of the sweetest crab claws we’ve had in recent years.  A full range of condiments, including a creamy aioli, tangy tartar sauce and spicy cocktail sauce, was presented alongside the cold offerings.

If we’d stopped there, we’d have already been full. But the Crescent Club offered so much more. A hot station featured a beautifully marbled roast Prime rib of beef, cut to order at a perfect medium rare. We enjoyed a beautifully seared salmon, grilled hot lobster tails topped with clarified butter and a full array of beautiful steamed and roasted vegetables, including caulilini, asparagus and fingerling potatoes.

We continued to enjoy plate after plate, trying to enjoy it all. And the amazing service staff at the Crescent Club graciously facilitated our gluttony, providing plates for our shells, clearing plates as soon as we could even have the thought, and even carrying food to our tables as we perused each offering.

We had to wait until we had room to breath in order to try desserts, but that was such a smart decision! These are not an afterthought, but the product of a beautifully sophisticated pastry program. The tiny vanilla panna cotta had perfect creamy finish and delicious accents of edible flowers, dark chocolate and a fruit gelee. The rustic peach cobbler featured a crispy biscuit, beautifully seasoned fruit filling and a creamy topping. Tiny lemon meringue tartes, individual apple pies and more completed the dessert buffet.

Leaving the Lobster Brunch at the Hotel Crescent Court, we felt a little like royalty, being treated to such service and such a decadent array of fresh seafood.  It’d good to be the king!