I pulled into the parking lot of a strip center to grab a newspaper yesterday and did a double-take at the construction I saw being done to Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburger.  Management tells me that Chip’s has big plans for a new Spring look!

They are removing the wall pictured here and installing glass “garage doors” that can be rolled up and down for warm days.  They are also expanding the patio out to about twice it’s current size and installing a bar.

Chip’s Patio Expansion

The renovation should take about 60 days and be done just in time for patio weather to be in full swing.  I think I just found a new hangout for those long lunches I like to take on a sunny day…

Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburger

4530 W Lovers Lane at Tollway | Dallas, Texas 75205  |  214.691.2447

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