thai burger at kin kin urban thai

I love Dallas and everything it has to offer, but occasionally, I make the trip to Fort Worth. The drive is kind of painful, and the highway construction has no end in sight. But once I arrive to my destination, I love it. The variety of restaurants and bars, the Stockyards, Billy Bob’s, the zoo, downtown and West 7th…the list of fun places goes on and on.

West 7th is definitely one of the prime spots I frequent when in Fort Worth (Chimy’s, anyone?). When I heard that one of my favorite local chefs, Eddy T., opened up a new establishment off West 7th, I hurried over.

Introducing, Kin Kin Urban Thai – a Thai restaurant with an innovative twist. Kin Kin means “eat, eat” (or loosely, “Let’s Eat.”) in Thai.

kin kin urban thai


Marrying traditional family recipes of the chef’s homeland of Thailand, and inspired by the urban vibe of the country’s culture, Chef Eddy offers traditional Thai food with a few curveballs that will surely please your palate.

The beautiful décor is shaped by contemporary Thai culture. Chef Eddy and the restaurant team designed the place to make it seem just like you’re visiting Thailand today. Each page of the menu lists a fun fact about Thailand’s history and culture, adding to that real Thai experience you’ll get at Kin Kin.

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The back room offers a traditional sit-down style experience for guests.



Now here’s what Kin Kin is talking about when they say Thai food with a twist:

thai burger at kin kin urban thai
Kin Kin Burger with sticky rice and Certified Angus Beef


Grilled Calamari (front); shrimp (back)
Grilled Calamari (front); Bangkok Shrimp (back)


kin kin urban thai opens in DFW via
Five-Spice Ribs (front); Crepe Spring Rolls (back)


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Chcken Pad Thai (front); Shrimp Asparagus (back)


dessert at kin kin urban thai via
Thai tea cake and Thai iced coffee


You’ll also find an Asian-inspired liquid kitchen offering various craft cocktails and Texas and Asian whiskeys and beers. The Bangkokification (pictured below on the left) is a must-try according to the wait staff.

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kin kin urban thai opens in DFW via


The chef’s newest creation will also pop up in Dallas later this year. Kin Kin offers happy hour specials on weeknights and take-out discounts, so be sure to check out these deals.

Kin Kin Urban Thai is located at 2801 West 7th Street in Fort Worth, Texas.

(Disclaimer: My meal was complimentary, and all thoughts are my own.)