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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are here, and I couldn’t be more excited about spending time family, friends and of course, consuming tons of holiday-themed dishes like cranberry martinis, cute hor d’ourvers and every chocolatey dessert known to man.

Sidebar – I now understand why losing weight and “getting in shape” is the resolution of choice by so many Americans.

I digress.

You’ve probably already attended several Holiday parties, drank your share of egg nog and ate enough chocolate truffles and wintery chow mix to last you until Valentine’s Day. But in case you are still looking for a delightful appetizer to bring to a party or need a star entree for your own holiday affair, look no further than Best of Bridge Holiday Classics – 225 Recipes for Special Occasions.

holiday cook book via


This book is so large with nearly 300 pages of nerdiness and bound by a spiral, which if you ask me if perfect and convenient for a hectic chicken. While reading this book, I imagined a group of gray-and purple-haired ladies, wearing chic glasses, sitting in a room full of vintage furniture and talking about their recipes from the good ol’ days.

I know you thought that from just reading the title of the book, right?

The book is divided into several sections for easy bookmarking. Trust me, I know. Brunches, buffets, potlucks, sit-down dinners, holiday cookies and squares are just some of the tasty items that you will find.

Despite the intimidating size of this book and number of courses in the table of contents, the recipes themselves are not out of reach, even for a novice food nerd. Simple dishes like French toast apparently “midnight,” scones are jazzed up with cranberries and a slew of egg dishes are made party-friendly with hashbrown, sausage are sure to make a brunch one to remember.

For soups, salads or appetizers to pair with cocktails, consider the stuffed mushroom caps, sun dried tomato dipshrimp Louis salad, Christmas Cheese Balls or my personal favorite guacamole cherry tomato halves. Because, guacamole.

For main dishes, consider one of the popular crowd pleasers like lasagna and pot roast or maybe impress your in laws and extended family with Roast Duck and Pat’s Orange Sauce or Beef Bourguignon.

And because the Holidays equals dessert, dream slices, fantastic fudge brownies, light Christmas Cake or if you’re really ambitious Cajun bread pudding with rum sauce and soft cream. After all it’s not the holidays until your whipping a cream and sugar concoction together.

The best thing about all of these recipes is that they are not exclusive of just holiday parties. Like the title states, these dishes can be used for all special occasion. Why wait for those four weeks at the end of the year to try out these recipes? I think a Mexican Strata would be perfect for your next Cinco de Mayo party.

Those gray-haired ladies would probably agree.



(Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book, and all thoughts are my own.)