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Credit: Facebook.com/BanhShop
Credit: Facebook.com/BanhShop

Fast-food giant Yum! Brands recently rolled out a new concept in Dallas called Banh Shop. The fast-casual restaurant offers Vietnamese street food for affordable prices. Guests can enjoy traditional banh mi sandwiches, Southeast Asian salads, soups, wok-fired bowls and breakfast items. See the full menu here.

I visited the location off SMU Blvd. and enjoyed an array of delicious entrees and sides. Take a look!


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Banh Shop menu Dallas via dallasfoodnerd.com



Banh Shop offers breakfast from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday and includes items like the Asian Scramble, AM Egg Roll, Breakfast Banh Bites and more. Everything on the breakfast menu is less than $7. I also recommend grabbing a cup of Vietnamese coffee for the full breakfast experience at Banh Shop!


Choose from four sides including wonton chips, corn soup, lettuce rolls and sweet and spicy peanut slaw. All sides cost between $2 – $3.

The flavorful and crispy Wonton chips are a must-have item with any meal, especially the sandwiches and soups.

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Spiced-Dusted Wonton Chips


I LOVE lettuce-wrapped spring rolls, so I was excited to grab this side with a cup of ginger-peanut sauce. The rolls are packed tightly with veggies and rice and makes for a perfect addition to your meal.

spring rolls at Banh Shop via dallasfoodnerd.com
Cool Fresh Summer Rolls


Banh Mi Sandwiches

Experience the traditional street sandwich, the “Banh Mi” on a Vietnamese Baguette. Choose your protein: steak, pork meatball, chicken meatball, coconut chicken breast or tofu. All sandwiches are piled high with cilantro, Thai basil, pickled shredded carrots and ribbon-cut cucumber. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Meatball sandwich, which also came with bean thread noodles and a caramel glaze. Note: You can also ask for your sandwich to be prepared gluten free.

chicken meatball Banh Mi sandwich via dallasfoodnerd.com
Grilled Chicken Meatball Sandwich


Wok’d Bowls, Soups and Salads

The other half of the menu consists of hot entrees with noodles and rice, soups and salads.

Take a journey to the spicy side of the street with the The Banh Fire Bowl. The bowl is a mix of fresh stir-fry vegetables, rice, spicy tamarind sauce, Banh Fire jalapeno pesto and cooling sour cream.

The Drunken Noodles (the second bowl image below) is another tasty option with stir-fried noodles, chicken, vegetables tossed in a sweet drunken sauce. I’m not sure how the name originated, but it’s a damn good meal.

Choose a protein (steak, chicken, or tofu) for each bowl if desired. All bowls are large portions, so you’ll probably need a box to take the rest home or even share a plate with a friend. My leftovers were just as delicious as the first round!

steak bowl Banh Shop via Dallasfoodnerd.com
Banh Fire Bowl


drunken noodles with chicken at Banh Shop via dallasfoodnerd.com
Drunken Noodles with chicken and veggies


If you’re in the mood for chicken soup (who isn’t?), the Vietnamese-Style Chicken soup is a great choice. It’s similar to pho, and this large bowl comes with char-grilled chicken, veggie and bean thread noodles in a seasoned broth.

Chicken Soup via dallasfoodnerd.com
Chicken Soup with char-grilled chicken in a seasoned chicken broth with veggies and thread noodles


Enjoy a variety of beverages along with your meal, such as Passion Fruit Colada, Ginger Margarita, local craft beer, bottled Asain beer or Vietnamese iced teas.

Options for children under 12 on the Banh Shop Kids menu includes a Ham Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich and Wok Fried Rice…all for $4.50 and comes with a fountain drink and chips.

Banh Shop is located at 5629 SMU Blvd, Dallas, TX 75206 and at Terminal D in DFW airport. We enjoyed visiting Banh Shop and hope you do too!


(Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary menu tasting, and all thoughts are my own.)