A great review from D Sidedish prompted us to give Blues Burger (located off Mockingbird Lane, just west of Harry Hines) a try. Here’s the report.Turns out, D Sidedish was right. Blues Burger makes a darn good burger.




But, before we get to that, it’s worth talking about the some of the non-burger things you might discover. The mozzarella sticks were, well, mozzarella sticks – but exceptionally good ones, served with a really tasty house-made ranch.

The appetizer star has to be the Bad Pennies (see below). Imagine all the things you like about cheese fries dialed up to 11. Bad Pennies are tots with a jalapeno kick, wrapped in bacon and deep-fried and then skewered and covered in ample amounts of good melted cheddar. The combination is decadent and delicious. You’ll know they’re not good for you, and you really won’t care.



When it comes to burgers, I recommend the Double Wide. It’s a big angus beef burger, stacked high with fried bologna, bacon and a fried egg, along with cheddar and fresh veggies. Even though I opted not to include the mustard, the burger was plenty juicy and full of flavor. The perfectly-cooked egg made it all the better.

I didn’t realize until after I ordered that you can upgrade any burger to Blues Burgers’ signature short rib blend for another $2. There’s always next time.

Also on the list for next time are desserts…the list of which is surprisingly deep for a burger place. Fried cheesecake rolls. Fried pies that look a-mazing. And a chocolate steam cake, a family recipe baked in-house that has my curiosity piqued.

It’s good to have goals.

If you need more reasons to make Blues Burger a goal of your own, here you go:

  • Lives blues on Friday evenings and karaoke on Thursdays.
  • A great selection of draft and bottled beer.
  • Pure cane sugar sodas from Oak Cliff Soda Company.


(I was not compensated for this post. Try out Blues Burger and let me know your thoughts!)

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  1. Love the burgers here! My favorite is the border burger! The jalapeño bun and everything inside is a great combination!

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