Tired of the traditional baked turkey and trimmings? Let Trace “The Rib Whisperer” Arnold put a little Texas kick in your holiday meal. Click over to their website to see the variety of offerings available to diners this holiday season! From traditional favorites to smoked meat entrees, 3 Stacks has you covered.

3 Stacks Smoke Tap House_Pork Ribs


 3 Stacks Smoke Tap House_Blackberry Cobbler


3 Stacks Smoke Tap House_Peach Cobbler


3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House is located at 4226 Preston Rd., Frisco, 75034. For more information visit www.3stacksbbq.com

About Trace Arnold:

This cowboy is Texas-born and bred. He grew up on a dude ranch and spent 25 years managing thousands of parties and feeding hundreds of thousands of people outstanding Texas BBQ.  In 1997, he created The Ultimate Smoker & Grill – the world’s largest smoker and grill on wheels – a mammoth 18-wheeler that can slow smoke more than 2,000 lbs of meat, 1,000 hot dogs, 500 hamburgers or 200 steaks at one time. 
Fresh off the road with the History Channel and the Cross Country Cookout, Trace has another large stage to perform from and this is 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco. Arnold, along with his partner, Jason Hall, opened 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in February 2013.  The namesake of the restaurant is attributed to the three large smokers that welcome diners upon entrance, each dedicated to a different selection of meat. With Trace as the pitmaster, 3 Stacks has quickly became part of the conversation when BBQ fans discuss the finest Texas BBQ around. 3 Stacks counter punch to The Rib Whisperer’s BBQ wizardry is their massive bar offering 30+ tap craft beer selections from local breweries to fine beers from Alaska.