Prohibition Chicken - Lewisville, TX

Prohibition Chicken - Lewisville, TX


The title is obvious, and cheesy. But, in the interest of accuracy, it’s a phrase that I can support when it comes to Prohibition Chicken.

*A quick disclaimer: Don’t sit at a table far off in the distance away from others where you think you’ll have enough room to spread out food to take pictures.

  1. If you’re not doing it for a blog or review purpose, you’ll probably look like a turkey. 😉
  2. Because with no other tables upon which to attack, you will be swarmed with flies trying to get in on what to them is the most glorious buffet on the block. Thanks, Texas.

Prohibition Chicken - Speakeasy

Prohibition Kitchen opened in Downtown Lewisville this spring. The collaboration was the brainchild of Josh Babb and Sean Clavir (Musume, The Chop Shop, Chop Shop Live) and Chef Roger Kaplan (Restaurant Innovations). They created a place to serve high-quality, locally-sourced, home-style chicken and sides with stiff libations, with a speakeasy bar you enter through an old telephone booth.

“Our motto is: Come for the poultry. Stay for the party,” says co-owner Babb.

And what a party to be had. (You’ll have to visit the weekend speakeasy to find out for yourself.)

As For the Food

Prohibition Chicken in Lewisville
For about a year, I’ve been on a huge chicken wing kick. So, in my opinion, the best judge of a great prepared chicken is how simple it is to pull out the bones of the wing flap.


Well, poultry and beef, because this is Texas after all.

There are four different types of chicken that Prohibition Chicken prepares, with all the birds coming from Crystal Lake Farms, and as hot chicken is the best chicken, we opted for the Hot Chili-Fried bird (a double-dipped, fried, and dusted with jalapeno ranch). You can also choose from a classic, simple double fried; a pecan-smoked and then fried chicken, or a bbq rubbed chicken basted with butter.

Our second meat option was a 12 ounce aged, cured, and smoked akaushi tri-tip from the Beeman Family Ranch.Prohibition Chicken - Entree


Not Your Average Dips

To go along with these are “Sops” or in non-Texan terms, sauces. (But really, gravy is the only sop that really matters, and another batch was being made so it missed the photo; but damn it was good, and wow now all I really want is gravy.)

Prohibition Chicken - Sauces


Sides on Sides on Sides

When you order entrees, the table gets four bottomless sides. There are 12 altogether from which to choose: 5 cold and 7 hot. We opted for a mix of the two, and while I will go back solely to try the mac and cheese and a few bar bites, the clear winner of the evening was the Bacon Cheddar Grits. From flavor (nom) to texture (not runny, and just chunky enough); these are worth wait.Prohibition Chicken - Sides



The bar inside the restaurant offers boozy classics and local favorites. But the real magic happens once you walk inside the phone booth. I won’t give away more than that … you’ll just have to visit to experience it. 😉

Prohibition Chicken - Drinks


Prohibition Chicken is located on 201 W Church St, in downtown Lewisville.


(Dinner and drinks were provided; and thoughts are my own.)