If you have ever been to Northpark, I would be sure to check out La Duni’s Latin Kitchen & Coffee Studio. Their restaurant is so quaint and detailed like. If it is a nice day outside, you’d appreciate every hint of decor that they set out. It was such a perfect fall day with parents taking pictures of their kids in the pumpkin patch, group photo op of teens in their homecoming dresses, and live music! La Duni’s hosted a Tipsy Tea Party led by Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador Mattias Horseman. The theme of this evening’s event was Alice and Wonderland. When first arriving, it was like I stepped into the movie. The first Tea we tried was Alice Tea.

Each cup of tea had a cute quote attached. Alice Tea consists of Pomegranate infused  Hendricks gin, lemon, hibiscus, and topped off was a special rose petal-lychee foam. I am a lover of lemon and hibiscus so topping it with rose lychee foam just complete the tea even more! All while sipping boozy tea, they offered some savory cucumber sandwiches along with little nibbles that really packed a punch with flavor.

The bite-sized Bollito (small bun) was stuffed with Brazilian Chicken Salad. Behind that is a Sr. Croque, Gruyere, Ham, Leak-Bechamal sandwich. Next, a Wheat Cucumber, Lime-Butter, Honey, Tea Sandwich. This sandwich was a personal favorite for me because it was lightly salted and had the lime-butter to compliment it. For dessert, we have the chef’s famous Cuatro Leches Cups topped with a Queen’s Charm. You have to get all the layers to taste the complete dish.

Mad Hatters Gin & Tonic Purple Potion. This pretty little drink is a butterfly pea tea infused with Hendricks gin, seasonal botanicals, tonic water, lemon, and a touch of magic! Part of the magic is that this drink turned purple after adding some lemon to it. It was delightfully tasty and the tea had a nice strong base to go with the gin.

The second round of dessert for me. It was too tasty, I couldn’t pass it up. The drink behind it was called the Caterpillar Fix. It consisted of Hendricks gin, mandarin, cucumber, lemon, and topo chico. Pairing with this drink, Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador Mattias Horseman, was introducing some lovely models strutting their fashion from @shopbeelterose styled by Caitlin Ripp.  

The last cocktail for the evening was called Eat Me, Drink Me. Hendricks gin, Glenfiddich 12, passionfruit, vanilla, allspice, citrus, and sparkling wine. Very Wonderland like cup, with a bite-sized flakey dessert, ending with a nice minty chocolate ace of spades.