Secret Menu Item: WhichWich Ice Cream Sandwich

I can’t believe this thing isn’t getting more media attention. We’re not all so fortunate to live by Pokey O’s in Dallas, and some of us don’t own an ice cream scoop, but luckily Which Wich Superior Sandwiches has created an alternative for us.

Secret Menu Item: WhichWich Ice Cream Sandwich


Released quietly not so long ago was the ice cream cookie sandwich – better than a milkshake because it’s practically a secret menu item. Although there’s only one flavor of ice cream (vanilla) I’ll bet your sandwich artist wouldn’t be so opposed to help ya out with two different cookie flavors. I had one today with peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, though oatmeal raisin would have been delish, too.

It’s only $3.50 and its HUGE.

Great portion for the price. Which Wich has such a great menu, they deserve more praise. Check it out when Pokey O’s is closed or if you’re just team Which Wich.

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