margarita meltdown


It’s official- Soleo Mexican Kitchen, located off Hillcrest Avenue in Dallas, has captured the moniker of “Best Margarita in Dallas.”

Soleo’s winning concoction was a spicy experience — and red in color to match. The miniature cups were rimmed with sugar to help offset the flavor, and the tequila came through strong. It was a very unique flavor that surely caught the attention of voters. The spice managed to edge out the other 30 competitors by a mere 3 votes — the closest Margarita Meltdown vote in the history of the event. With a reported 2,500 attendees, it was down to the last sip!

Among the flavors Soleo beat out to capture the “Best Margarita in Dallas” title was Mesomaya’s silky smooth avocado and pineapple. I had the pleasure of watching the artists mix this drink, with full scoops of avocado — something I would never expect to be in a margarita — strained into the mixture. The flavor hit a muted, but sweet tone, and went down smooth.

My personal pick and vote for the competition came from a new restaurant in Uptown Dallas with a unique concept. Mutts Burger Stand and Dog Park arrived at the competition with a more traditional margarita with a twist of rosemary. The result was a refreshing mixture of nostalgia and excitement. They will do well with a unique twist on a traditional situation — both with the restaurant and margaritas.

In the sour department, Victoria’s Mexican Grill brought a cheek pincher. Spicy salt around the rim accented an initial sweet flavor followed by sour. An experience that reminded me of WarHeads candy, consumed in heaps from the ice cream truck.

The event also brought out several live DJs, who had the crowd dancing in a few large circles. The Dallas Margarita Meltdown crew successfully blended food competition with a pinch of party as perfectly as Soleo blended their now title-winning drink.

Check out the website for details on future events — and congratulations to Soleo Mexican Kitchen.