Straddling Turtle Creek and Oak Lawn stands STEEL, a dining establishment dedicated to preparing fresh fish from around the globe in many delicious forms. Whether your preference is tucked into a sushi roll, hefty cuts of sashimi or grilled, this place will soon be your new spot. Greeted with a smile, we were seated in the dimly lit room adjacent to the hustle and bustle of the chef’s area. Just watching them run around built up my appetite! Let’s take a look at some of STEEL’s feature dishes. Also, don’t forget to stop by STEEL’s anniversary party this Thursday, Nov. 19! The restaurant is throwing an anniversary party complete with free sushi, $15 sake flights, cocktail specials and awesome giveaways.


Escolar Tataki

The general manager, Brad Crouch, greeted us with the first dish, Escolar Tataki. Thinly sliced whitefish topped with sliver of fresno chili pepper, a hint of sriracha and drizzled with a sweet and spicy yuzu-garlic vinaigrette. A great start to any meal!



New Zealand King Salmon

Generous  and balanced cuts of sashimi placed over a large bed of decorative coarse rock salt adds an aesthetic to this dish that is unrivaled. Served with a bowl of ginger, soy and chive sauce that creates a savory layer over the king salmon that melts in your mouth.



Kona Kompachi

Fish so freshfrom Hawaii, it’s like visiting the Big Island with each bite. This nigiri embodies the finest treasures of the Pacific and will leave you wanting more. Do the chef a favor and grasp this with your hands, dip it lightly in some soy sauce and enjoy.



Beef Tataki

After exploring what the sea has to offer, we moved to a more familiar delicacy that we from Texas enjoy, beef. Thinly sliced tenderloin cooked rare with a high level of spice from the jalapeno and srirachi that keeps you wanting more. This dish packs unbelievable flavor into a delicate dish.



Spicy J Roll

The namesake of Chef Jesus who has been creating masterpieces for the past 12 years at STEEL. Tender slices of salmon and tuna alternate positions on this roll, topped with tobiko (a.k.a. flying fish roe) adds a unique texture that makes this roll unique.



Vietnamese “Shaken” Beef

Hearty chunks of prime cut filet migion are wok seared to add texture while preserving the tender, rare center. A rich and savory sauce hits your tongue and tickles your umani sensors and sends them into a pleasure spiral! Served on a bed of watercress and sprinkled with juicy cherry heirloom tomatoes.



Pork and Shrimp Potstickers

A quartet of firm pockets of soupy goodness. Packed to the brim with pork and shrimp swimming in a broth which is awaiting you to bite into one, opening the floodgates of flavor! Don’t forget to dunk the potsticker in the soy-black vinegar sauce that accompanies these little guys.



Chilean Sea Bass

I refrain from using acronyms in my vernacular, but this dish warrants an O.M.G.! Marinated in miso and sake for 24 hours and roasted to golden perfection. Flaky, buttery with a hint of sweet draws a plethora of flavor in a simple filet. Stop whatever you are doing at the moment at hustle on over to STEEL now! (#YOLO)



Chocolate Sushi Roll

A funky spin on sushi can be found here at STEEL. A combination of white and dark chocolates rolled up around a center of M&M fragments topped with a light dusting of raw shaved coconut is a dessert that no one in their right mind can pass up. A ooey gooey caramel sauce awaits your arrival paired with crystallized ginger and diced kiwi to complete the sushi theme adding details to an already stellar dessert.


The name of the game at STEEL is apparent. High quality ingredients, attention to detail and a splash of uniqueness makes this a great place to meet with friends before a night on the town, a family get together or taking that special someone out for a meal they will never forget.

  • Remember to sign up to become a STEEL VIP and you will receive not only a FREE Firecracker Roll upon initial sign up, but you will be notified on special events and free gifts on your birthday and anniversary.
  • Join STEEL on Sundays for 50% off wines by the bottle from their award winning wine list.
  • Not pictured: Suggested cocktails, which were served in glassware that did not complement the drink and contained ice that decreased the flavor due to massive dilution were the only items not recommended. Stick to wine or sake when ordering adult beverages that complement your entree.


(Disclaimer: My meal was complimentary and all thoughts are my own.)