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If you’re a big BBQ nerd in DFW, I’m sure you’ve heard about the fairly new Ten 50 BBQ, located in Richardson off 75 between Campbell & Arapaho. You may also know this new Texas-style barbecue establishment was created by Larry Lavine, who founded the first Chili’s in 1975. So this is definitely not his first (or last) rodeo in the restaurant biz.



The process for your visit to Ten 50 BBQ is very simple and similar to your standard barbecue restaurants. You walk up to the smoker and order your meat which they cut/prep and place on a tray for you. Corn on the cob and baked potatoes are also available on the smoker. Once you head back inside, you can pick other sides such as mac n cheese, potato salad, coleslaw and dessert (chocolate banana pudding or key lime pie).

Ten 50 BBQ also provides catering, take-out food and a private event room. At the take-out counter, I eavesdropped on a gentlemen picking up his order, which included a couple of cobblers for dessert to go. What a great idea! A couple of peach cobblers and a movie night at home would be the perfect date night.

The spacious dining room is open with a variety of communal high-top and regular tables. This is definitely the place to meet a large group of friends or your giant family. The bar area is also very accommodating for large parties with ample seating and over 20 beers on draft. (Work lunch or happy hour anyone?) They’re also adding tables outside to create a patio area. The bonus is that it’s covered and on the east side of the building so you don’t have to deal with the sizzling, blinding sunsets during the brutal Texas summers.

We had the opportunity to sample a variety of meats, sides and desserts. The first round presented to us was a platter of brisket, ribs, sausage, turkey, pulled pork and stuffed jalapeños with sides of mac n cheese, coleslaw, pinto beans and potato salad. Talk about a feast! We really enjoyed it all but I’ll try to narrow it down to our favorites and why.

Ten 50 BBQ’s brisket was by far my favorite of any I’ve had in DFW. I loved the slightly crunchy and smoky crust around the outside, as well as the subtle flavor from the Oak wood. It melts in your mouth and not super smoky like most other barbecue places. The sausage was really flavorful too and not full of fatty bits. My guest and I asked if they made the sausage in-house. While they don’t make it themselves, Larry was proud to say his team submits their specs and resources it from a couple of established places located in Tyler and Elgin that have been around for many years. They obviously know what they’re doing!

Ten50BBQ via dallasfoodnerd.com
Sample Platter


The coleslaw is not your run of the mill creamy slaw. It’s made with a vinegar base, and a little cilantro and olive oil are added in with your normal cabbage and carrots. You won’t miss the mayo. The potato salad was memorable with lots of crunchy bacon.

The second round of tastiness was the fried foods. How can you go wrong there?! The onion rings were my favorite! They had a flavorful breading and were cut into thinner rings than you normally see.  Also, the fried okra was the freshest, greenest okra ever! So good!

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The last round was dessert, of course. The chocolate banana pudding tasted like your standard homemade version. Chocolate and banana were meant to be together. However, the key lime pie was the winner with my guest and me. With the right amount of tartness and a buttery graham cracker crust, this pie won our vote. It was definitely a slice I’d have again.

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No confirmation of plans of expansion with additional locations of Ten 50 BBQ but we could possibly see sister restaurants in the future. We’d love to know what Larry will be cooking up for us next.

They are currently having a hashtag competition. For a chance to win $50 of free BBQ, simply take a pic of your favorite dish at Ten 50 BBQ and upload to Facebook or Twitter using hashtag #Tenfor50. They’ll choose a winner May 22nd.

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(Disclaimer: This menu sampling was complimentary. All thoughts are my own.)