If you’ve ever been to Austin, you probably noticed that making a big city feel like a small community is one of their greatest successes. Another great Austin success? Tacodeli. With five locations in five very different Austin neighborhoods, Tacodeli owners Roberto Espinosa and Eric Wilkerson have created a taco shop that stays true to the flavors Espinosa loved growing up in Mexico City.


Their newest location is in West Dallas within the Sylvan Thirty complex. For Tacodeli, the move to Dallas was natural—co-owner Eric Wilkerson is a Dallas-native. Finding the right location where the restaurant could contribute to a community was important. This location couldn’t be a better fit, as the Sylvan Thirty website states, “being good stewards of our natural resources and supporters of the community,” is in their DNA.

In an effort to bring something to the up-and-coming community, Tacodeli brings a menu full of fresh ingredients and rich flavors to customers who range from businessmen to families…and yes, even hipsters. As if you need another reason to obsess over Tacodeli, look no further than their locally sourced tortillas. La Nortena Tortillas, a Dallas favorite, will supply the taco shop with the building block necessary for every taco.

When you arrive at Tacodeli Dallas, you’ll walk past a rustic-chic patio that will no doubt be crowded during warmer months. Once you enter through the glass doors, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant atmosphere full of colorfully decorate tables and a giant menu board.IMG_1038

If you feel overwhelmed that’s okay, that’s natural. At a fast-casual restaurant with so many options, it’s easy to be indecisive until you’ve talked through the pros and cons of your vegetarian taco choices, before you end up choosing a chicken and a beef.

Luckily the menu is easy to decode because favorite and best-selling tacos from each category are right at the top of each list. Start with an order of queso and guacamole. The guacamole is incredibly creamy and flavorful, thanks to a generous amount of lime juice. This will wake up your taste buds and prepare you for the mouthwatering tacos coming your way. The best aspect of the entire menu is that none of the tacos are too complicated; you’ll never feel overloaded by the flavors.

Here’s four recommendations that will light up your palate and your life…


  • Frontera Fundido Sirloin: Fundido indeed-o! The grilled sirloin is beyond amazing. With a crispy crust on the meat and a sautéed poblano and onion concoction to go with it…a surefire winner anytime.IMG_1062
  • El Conquistador: The roasted organic pork shoulder falls apart in your mouth. You think the flavor is basic, then the chile pasilla sauce and onions provide spice. Creamy, cool avocado is never a bad thing.



  • Pollo Fantastico: Free range chicken topped with roasted green chile sauce has never tasted better. This taco is simple but the roasted green chile provides a bit of heat alongside a rich, roasted green chileCopy of IMG_1064.
  • The Heather: Grilled. Queso. Fresco. This taco is a must try, because even those who avoid vegetarian options get can get down with a taco that has a slab of grilled cheese as the main ingredient.