Selection of fresh daily juices and soups, along with various entree sizes.
Selection of fresh daily juices and soups, along with various entree sizes.


Heard of Snap Kitchen? Chances are you have.  They’re the healthy looking store at a corner near you, and now at 4115 Skillman, Dallas-the intersection of Mockingbird and Skillman.

Soon, they’ll ambitiously grow beyond their six Dallas locations (20 across Texas), and land in Chicago, DC, and Philadelphia… amazingly projecting 50 stores in the next year!


Making a Positive Impact

Capes4Kids superhero and co-founder Cody Reynolds.
Capes4Kids superhero and co-founder Cody Reynolds.

Snap Kitchen has intentionally made expanding to a new market difficult on themselves, but for the best reasons that much of the world, let alone their competition, could learn from.

Besides the usual licenses and troubles that come with operating an around-the-clock industrial kitchen, they go above and beyond by sourcing locally-grown ingredients where possible, partnering with charities and food banks to get soon-to-expire foods to those in need, and seeking out community causes like Capes 4 Kids,which creates a monthly “Cape Factory” to hand-make capes so superheroes can visit area hospitals and turn sick kiddos into sidekicks.

Food Review 

In our goodie bag, and while we were there, my wife and I had a variety of the fresh flavors from the store, including some from the new summer menu.

 Top pick! Chimichurri Beef: Herb marinated petite tender, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, and roasted carrots - 

Top Pick: Chimichurri Beef
Chimichurri Beef, sauteed mushrooms, roasted carrots

A variety of great flavors in the mushrooms and carrots, with spices and jus from the chimichurri beef tying it all together. I could suggest a hint of lime over this (or more in their recipe), and they can keep the spinach out of it, but for certain, this dish satisfies the health nut and the food nut in us all.

Energy Boost: Lime, Papaya, Watermelon and Mint Drink + Prosecco -The party special. This was clean, energizing, and not a meal replacement shake. I would opt for more sugar to enhance the fruits, but if you like coconut water, this is a flavorful alternative.

Bison Breakfast Bowl: Apple Bison sausage, maple, egg whites, and baby spinach – Great flavor in the bison and eggs. An easy go-to that I would happily trade in my routine biscuit sandwiches for. Excellent!

Grass-fed Beef Sausage & Eggs: Lean beef meatball, over-easy eggs, sauteed spinach, marinara sauce – Normally a cooked egg would be a turn off, but somehow the over-easy makes it all better! Yummy dish here! Snap Kitchen makes sure every bite has some egg, meatball, a little spinach (keepin’ it healthy), and marinara on everything!

Smoked Chicken Quesadilla: Spicy smoked chicken, paleo tortilla, rice & bean mix, cheddar cheese, salsa verde – Spicy, spicy! Not too spicy, but the chicken had a kick to it. The tortilla was more like injera bread, and the salsa verde could have used mi abuela’s touch. I would have liked a more authentic salsa instead of tomatillos and avocado, but overall, this was still a good, healthy meal I would grab again.

Healthy on-the-go at a corner near you.
Healthy on-the-go at a corner near you.


Shrimp Fra Diavolo: Large shrimp, spicy tomato sauce, brown rice fettuccine – My wife cringes when thinking of the heartburn a spicy tomato sauce can cause, but this dish wasn’t bad. The tomatoes are sweet and summer-y, the peppers mild and barely there and the brown rice fettuccine was on par with a wheat pasta.

An additional meal I sampled, yet wasn’t my favorite from the list, was the Bison Quinoa Hash: Bison, quinoa, brown rice, kidney beans, red onions, cheddar cheese. This dish was dry like shredded bison jerky over grains. I can see it going well over chips as an uber healthy chili alternative, but it needed something extra “out of the box” to wet my palate.


Parting Thoughts

Snap Kitchen has a great concept that is much needed in Dallas, where Kentucky/silver/pizza/root beers seem to dominate every intersection. It’s a joy to know that when I get hungry, I can easily navigate to one of their many locations around town, pop in, and fill up on foods that have big flavor and a positive impact on my body.  Don’t feed the flab people!

Have you tried out Snap Kitchen? Share your experience by leaving a comment below!


(Disclaimer: I was invited to a media event to experience Snap Kitchen, and all thoughts are my own.)