The social season is in full swing.  With that brings holiday parties, get togethers and of course drinks! Alex Fletcher, veteran bartender of Henry’s Majestic and Victor Tango’s fame is bringing his talents at your next event or party!   Long gone are the days of ordering a simple Vodka and Cranberry at the holiday shin-dig.  Shaken and Stirred promises to elevate your event with that extra something special.

At the premier of his new venture, Shaken & Stirred, he gave his guests a taste of what he’s known best for, expertly making delicious craft cocktails.


Missed The Boat


Missed the Boat was the first drink I tried.  I was immediately drawn to the tropical sounding description:  Mescal, Banana Liqueur, Lemon and Honey.   The drink was served in a coupe cocktail glass garnished with thyme.   Very smooth and unassuming drink yet with a refreshing kick to it.  It got my night going after braving through the remnants of Hurricane Patricia that evening, the ingredients work well together perfectly and it’s the ideal drink I’d enjoy in the summer if Shaken & Stirred catered my pool party.  I almost refilled my glass, but I remembered I had other drinks to try!

Mule on Rouge


A playful take on the Moscow Mule, the Mule on Rouge was made with Vodka, Blood Orange, Ginger Beer and sweetened with sugar to lessen the tang off the Blood Orange.   The result is a delightful drink with a ruby red hue.  I enjoyed the autumnal taste of this cocktail, the Ginger Beer gave it an added a depth to this drink which balanced out all the ingredients.   Alex takes an overdone drink like the Moscow Mule and flips it into something new and exciting for his guests with flavors that aren’t at the forefront of our minds.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever seen a Blood Orange!

The Classic Daiquiri


Like that little Black dress or that crisp white shirt in our closets, we all need to work the Classics into our lives.  The Classic Daiquiri is a Cuban cocktail that contains 3 ingredients: Rum, Citrus and Sugar.  Very simple and distinct, with such a short list of ingredients I don’t think I’d ever want to drink the bottle version again.  The taste was clean and a good fusion of flavors. The Classic Daiquiri was a good drink to wine down my evening after mingling with guests at the Shaken & Stirred event.  I wish Alex Mitchell great success with his new endeavors he will have a busy holiday season.  Cheers!

Disclaimer: Drinks were complimentary and the opinions here expressed are my own.