My mom, stepdad, and I took a trip in May to Western Massachusetts where my mom grew up. We pretty much used a family event as an excuse to eat and antique our way across Essex and Gloucester.


flag essex, ma antique
Flag we saw in an antique shop in Essex, MA


Having grown up in New England, let’s just say my mom is a little picky about her seafood restaurants. Let’s face it…the good ones are not on every corner in DFW.


motif no. 1 gloucester ma
Motif no. 1 Gloucester, MA


The one place she loves to eat seafood at is Sea Breeze Fish Market and Grill in Plano, TX. We went back the other night, and the food and service were amazing.

We had to get a New England staple for the appetizer – Lobsta Roll! So tasty.

Not many Texas restaurants have seasonal whole belly fried clams, so my mother was torn between that and pecan-crusted scallops. The sea scallops won.


Pecan-crusted scallops, broccoli, and heavenly bacon mashed potatoes!


Our waiter was very knowledgeable about the menu and where the wild King Salmon was caught. The menu is unfussy and gives the diner all the ability to pick a wine that pairs well.

I ordered the wild caught King salmon with two Signature Sides: broccoli with sesame and whipped potatoes with cheddar and bacon. The fresh King salmon was grilled and seasoned to perfection. You guys. (Y’all for Texans). I was unprepared for how much I adored those whipped mashed potatoes! I almost ordered another.


Excellent wild caught salmon, broccoli, and bacon mashed potatoes


We finished our gastro adventure with the creatively crafted Lavender Ginger Crème Brūlée, which was very subtle. Nice and crispy on the top and soft on the inside.


dessert, creme brulee
Lavender Ginger Crème Brūlée


Now for some insider intel. First you need to know that SeaBreeze is family owned, and the owner values quality. All of the fish I saw in the market was wild caught. The specials change weekly. The owner has developed relationships with the best vendors around the country. He and the chefs are passionate about the food.

Which brings me to my next picture: behold…the fresh fish market!

fish, fish market
Fresh Fish Market


Chilean Sea Bass – ever had it fried with lemon juice? Look for a traditional Chilean recipe.


Scallops and shrimp!


The restaurant has a beautiful coastal vibe. It makes you feel special and like you got away from DFW. Everyone around us looked like they were enjoying the food and each others’ company, and the music was just right.

We were so happy to enjoy some real New England-style fresh seafood. It felt like a getaway without a plane ticket! Massachusetts Mom approved.

Massachusetts Mom and me 🙂