LaLoo's goat milk ice cream

As a food blogger, there may be times when companies send products for you to sample and review. They might even tell you about some specials and giveaways that you can pass along…but you’ll find out about that in a minute.

Since I go in it for free, does this mean that I feel obligated to say good things about the product? Heck no! Only if I like it. I’ll tell you if I don’t.

So when I got some gourmet goat’s milk ice cream in the mail, I was very interested and tried to suppress my excitement. I like goat’s cheese, so why not?

Worse case scenario was free food!

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My first bite of LaLoo’s Vanilla Snowflake had me hooked. There were no concerns about “saying something nice.” This stuff was truly delicious and deserving. It had a custard-esque consistency and reminded me of old fashion homemade ice cream. I’m talking out on the back porch with your grandfather, hand cranking the ice cream maker in the hot summer afternoons at Lake Cavanough, kind of thing here.

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The creaminess was first and foremost, in both texture and flavor. I believe my first words were “Mmmmmmm.” I can see why the Wall Street Journal called it “the holy grail” of ice cream. If the vanilla was this good, what can they do with chocolate? What other flavors can I try?

Luckily, LaLoo’s sent me four flavors to sample. We take our unscientific research very serious…scientifically speaking. I made sure to have some water to cleanse out my mouth in between tastings. I have to admit, at one point, I was even mixing the flavors and had all four open and in play at the same time.

LaLoo's goat milk ice cream via

Deep Chocolate was next. Another home run! As with the vanilla, this was something I wanted to slowly eat, so I could enjoy every bite. It had a rich dark cocoa flavor and is made with 77 percent cacao.

LaLoo's goat milk ice cream via

Capraccino was the next flavor I tried. I’m not a big fan of cappuccino flavored anything. Ironically, I do enjoy cappuccinos quite a bit. This flavor unfortunately was my least favorite. That is purely subjective based on my stated aversion. It still had the creaminess and is made from real Italian espresso beans. I’ll leave this flavor for my wife. She loved it!

Last up to try was something called Rumplemint.

It combines organic garden mint (not peppermint) with a bold excess of dark chocolate tiles. The second that this hits your tongue, you get familiar mint chocolate chip memories. Taken to the next level. Do I have to even mention that it was very creamy? ‘Cause it was.

My overall experience was quite good. I loved the flavors and textures. The only thing I found to be negative is that it leaves an after taste. Similar, in my experience, with goat milk cheese. Basically a sort of coating in your throat that lingers a bit. This is a by-product of the ingredient and not so much a reflection of the product.

The price of $7.99 per pint is a bit steep, but sometimes…it just might be worth it.

So, it tastes good. Now what?

I’m sure the calories and fat grams are through the roof, like most gourmet ice creams. Not so fast.

LaLoo’s Vanilla Snowflake has half the calories, one-third of the fat, is seven grams lower in sugar for glycemic index concerns and is easier to digest for folks sensitive to lactose.

LaLoo's goat milk ice cream via

LaLoo’s is made with 100 percent goat milk, which is higher in nutrient rich proteins and lower in fat, naturally. For millions of people with sensitivities to cows milk or soy, goat milk is easier to digest. This is partially because the fat particles are smaller than those found in cow’s milk.

LaLoo's goat milk ice cream

The company has a commitment to healthy eating and happiness. The product tastes very good and doesn’t have to sacrifice taste or creaminess for a healthier alternative to traditional cow’s milk ice cream. I would feel comfortable feeding this to my flock instead of the traditional cow’s milk ice cream.

Is this all we need to know?  NO!

The fine folks at LaLoo’s are celebrating National Ice Cream Month (July) by giving away several prize packs. For full information, visit their website.

All you have to do is like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and share an ice cream moment, photo or memory, using the hashtag #gogoat.

Prizes include a “Go Goat” ice cream social party for 20, and 10 goody packages consisting of a cooler full of LaLoo’s, a “Give Goat a Chance” t-shirt, a “Get Your Goat On!” tote and adorable plush toy goat. Additional prizes include daily free pint coupons.


(Disclaimer: This product was complimentary, and all thoughts are my own.)