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I love the town of Grapevine. It’s my hometown, but I’ve seen quite a few independent restaurants struggle to make it while surrounded by the town’s many corporate chains. I believe the building I visited, now the location of Meat U Anywhere, recently used to be a garden center, located next door to a car inspection site and some old office space. They tore it all up, planted a smoker outside the renovated building and stuck a sign out front reading ‘Meat U Anywhere.’

I’m a huge fan of barbecued meats, but the restaurant’s location may be forgettable to some, as in I only remember it as a passenger in the car knowing I stop in sometime.

My friend and I finally conveniently remembered the barbecue joint this past Sunday and headed over for lunch. I figured it’d be getting busy soon, since it was almost noon. Even though the limited parking was practically full, the inside remained pretty quiet. Side note: the restaurant offers complimentary valet. As far as where your car is being parked, I have no clue.

It smelled awfully nice walking up. When you walk in, there are storage bins configured to make out a line for you to curve around. The kitchen is open for your viewing pleasure. The chefs all wore blue medical-grade-looking gloves, which I only noticed because I work in the industry and regard as a no-no. Of course I’m sure these other gloves are something else made for the kitchen.

We felt rushed while ordering due to the cashier and kitchen fellas simultaneously asking us what we would like to eat. We went with brisket, jalapeno cheddar sausage, St. Louis cut ribs, pulled pork, Notcha Momma’s slaw, jalapeno bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and two slices of white bread. All delicious – take a look:

grapevine's meat U anywhere via


Naturally we asked for some burnt ends, which we almost got, but mostly it was just a solid, good quarter pound of fatty brisket. The slaw had ramen noodles in it and was vinegar based. I don’t normally like sausage, but I did really enjoy the jalapeno cheddar sausage. Overall, it was a good spread, but I didn’t see any classic dessert options, or even any relish options available. We left assuming that dessert and pickles were something you had to go up to the ordering counter to bug them for.

If you’re looking for something other than Bartley’s BBQ in Grapevine, Meat U Anywhere is a good choice. I like the idea of supporting locally-owned restaurants in my hometown, but if you’re outside of the immediate area, you’ve got other options.


(Disclaimer: This was a restaurant visit on my own time and was not coordinated by the staff or marketing representatives.)