Winter Grapefruit Oatmeal Muffins | DallasFoodNerd

Texans have learned a lot this winter. We got schooled in de-icing our cars, the real meaning of “bundle up,” and how a fireplace is less expensive and more reliable than central heating. Thank you, polar vortex.

Despite the freezing temperatures, we do have one thing to be grateful for: citrus. Texas’s citrus season is in full swing, and the fruit is extra sweet this year. Why? The polar vortex, of course.

Most of us think of citrus as a summer fruit, but in reality, citrus is a winter fruit, and it actually gets sweeter with a cold snap. Lucky for us, we live close to the source. My local Sprouts was absolutely overflowing with grapefruit last weekend, so I knew I had to do something with the bounty.

Normally I eat grapefruits plain, but this sweet season deserved something better. Inspired a recipe for grapefruit scones, but in search of something heartier, I made muffins. Oatmeal muffins, at that. And oh, they’re good.

Winter Grapefruit Oatmeal Muffins | DallasFoodNerd


I don’t like my sweets too sweet, so depending on your taste you may want to add more sugar. These muffins are great alongside a steaming cup of green tea on a cold morning.



Based on The Only Oatmeal Muffin Recipe You’ll Ever Need by And Then We Saved.