Martita Jara interview via

Professional chef and Food Network star Martita Jara comes to Texas from San Diego, and we couldn’t be more excited. I had a chance to meet Martita this season and learned about her recent move to Texas, her regular appearance on OWN’s show called Home Made Simple and her experiences as a chef. Get to meet Martita below!

Martita Jara interview via
Credit: OWN

Q: Tell us about the show, Home Made Simple on OWN.  

A: I am part of the cast of experts, builders, designers and chefs on Home Made Simple on OWN. It is a beautiful, sweet show where deserving people/families get nominated for their good works in the community. To reward them, we have the cast come in to get makeovers, and we show them how to make simple, delicious meals for their families. It is a lot of fun and educational because the nominee gets to participate in the makeover, and cooking and the cameras capture all of it!

Q: Have you met Oprah? Just curious…!

A: I have not had the privilege of meeting the Miss O, but you better believe when I do I will be shouting it from the rooftops!

Q: What is your favorite cuisine to cook and why?

A: My favorite food is always changing as my cravings are always changing. I cook from my gut! Whatever I am craving on that day, that is my favorite food and that’s what I am cooking.

Q: You’re new to Texas….What’s your favorite part about the Lone Star State?

A: I am a Southern California girl born and raised, but I am feeling very loved and welcomed here in the Big D! I love Dallas, the people, restaurants, shopping, the Katy and so much more….but it think my favorite part is the people!!

Q: Favorite new place(s) to dine in Dallas?

A: My favorite place to dine is at home with my Bear. (My man is my Bear!) Honestly I live in my kitchen (my office)! And because of that, I cook often. We maybe go out to eat once a week. I will say there are wonderful restaurants here in the Big D. We are never without wonderful options when we do want to go out. I guess it really depends on what we are in the mood for that day….Moroccan, Thai, Mexican, pizza, steak. There are so many gorgeous restaurants with yummy options!!

Q: What do you like to drink?

A: My coffee black, my water sparkling, dinner wine and my tequila anejo straight!

Q: You recently were the host caterer of Light the Runway hosted by local fashion group Dress for Success. Where else can we see you?

A: I was so happy to be a part of this beautiful evening!! I am looking forward to doing more events. I have nothing planned for the summer as I will be spending a large part of the summer in LA filming the new season of Home Made Simple.
Thanks, Martita! Catch the new season of Home Made Simple this fall, and follow Martita on Twitter for more updates.