Representatives from Paulaner Brewery hosted a special happy hour for fans last week at The Londoner in Addison. I was warmly greeted by the team and had fun practicing the little German that I remember from my high school language class. The following executives were in attendance: Mr. Jeff Coleman, President Paulaner HP USA; Mr. Andreas Kahrs, International Sales Director Paulaner Brauerei Munich; Mrs. Barbara Degnan, Area Sales Manager Paulaner Brauerei Munich. Mr. Kahrs and Ms. Degnan flew in from Germany, so fans were in for a treat!

The team tapped a mini-wooden keg with a traditional beer hammer to get the party started. I learned the Hefe-Weissbier is the most popular drink by Paulaner, and I can’t wait to try it. But at this event, I sampled the company’s traditional Oktoberfest beer in a heavy one-liter mug, er, beerstein. So festive! This liquid gold had 6% alcohol volume and a pleasant taste. (Did you know more than one million liters of this beer are served at the original Oktoberfest in Germany??) The execs gifted me with this branded beerstein, which is also sold at Addison Oktoberfest.

For all of you beer enthusiasts, you can learn about the brewing process here. Look for Paulaner now at The Londoner and at Oktoberfest later this year, and don’t forget to grab the famous beerstein! Prost (cheers)!

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