I’m going to have to admit that Pho is one of those foods that I’m late to the game on. Since I’m not a big fan of soup, it really wasn’t something that screamed “Why Haven’t You Tried Me Yet?!!!”

Since the weather made it’s devious little turn to the lower end of the thermometer this weekend, however, a nice hot bowl of soup seemed like the perfect idea.

Beef Pho in Dallas

The reason I usually stay away from soup is because it’s not filling, and I humbly sit here corrected, and stuffed. Big chunks of meat, noodles, and plenty of one of my favorite non-meat things, sprouts, doused in a little siracha, left me with a full belly and the nice warm inner fuzzy feeling that is quite welcome during this cold snap.

Seafood Pho Dallas

Pho for Lovers is a nice place to get a no-nonsense bowl of Pho. You won’t get the traditional noodle house ambiance, but the food was tasty, and the egg rolls actually have meat in them. Which is nice. We were at the Preston and Belt Line location near Addison, but they’re also in Allen and near SMU. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter: @phoisforlovers.

Pho is For Lovers Restaurant Preston Rd Dallas