As an incredibly proud native Houstonian, I was so excited when I heard that Houston-based Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille opened its second DFW location in late 2014. Growing up in Houston, Perry’s was always my family’s go-to special occasion meals, and remains to this day one of my mom’s favorite restaurants. So when the Dallas Food Nerd team asked me to attend a tasting at the new location in Frisco, needless to say, I was eager and excited.

Let me tell you, the new location did not disappoint. We walked through a five-course meal that was delicious, decadent and everything other word you want to use to describe a great meal. Even now writing this the next morning, I am still full and completely satisfied. It was everything you expect from a fine dining experience, but at the same time, unassuming and relaxed.

The service was phenomenal. Complementary valet parking is available, but it’s right next to Stonebriar Centre, so there’s plenty of free parking too. The wait staff is knowledgeable, friendly and approachable…no stuffy French waiters here. They’ll happily tell you about the history of the restaurant, the differences of each cut of meat on the menu and even take the offhand joke in stride. (I asked for a stomach expander around course 4, and my server commented that the company should off complimentary sweatpants – I agree wholeheartedly.)

Okay. On to the good stuff.

Course #1: Ahi Tuna Duo with a Pineapple Ginger Mojito

perry's ahi tuna duoWe started off light with the Ahi Tuna Duo: ahi tuna tartar with mango and avocado and seared sesame ahi tuna. It was light and fresh tasting, great for the warm weather we’ve been having recently. My favorite was the tartar, which I heaped onto the provided wonton crisps.

The pineapple ginger mojito was refreshing and sweet, but not overly so. As a self-proclaimed beer girl, I was really shocked by how much I enjoyed this fruity concoction.

Course #2: Fried Asparagus with Lump Crab Meat

Next was one of Perry’s signature appetizers: Flash fried asparagus topped with lump crab meat tossed in garlic butter. When they told me what it was, I don’t think they realized they had just listed four of my top five favorite food words.fried asparagus

  • Asparagus
  • Crab
  • Garlic
  • Butter

To be honest, while those are my favorite food words, I was skeptical of fried asparagus. I’m a proud Texan, and I love fried food at the State Fair as much as the next girl, but some things are sacred. I was wrong. It was lightly fried, and the asparagus was still cooked perfectly, paired with the buttery crab meat. It was perfect. And I thought I loved asparagus before.

Course #3: Chateaubriand with Perry’s Signature Sauces

Please don’t ask me to pronounce this. I’m really excited it seems I spelled it correctly. But do feel free to ask me to eat it again. It was explained to me that this is a special cut of beef – there are only two of these cuts in each animal. They topped it with, from left to right, a demi-glace, pear béarnaise and peppercorn reduction sauce. These represent Perry’s signature sauce selections available as accompaniments for their meats.


The meat was no joke more melt-in-your-mouth tender than any cut of beef I’ve ever had. The sauces were delicious as well, but I found the peppercorn reduction a bit overwhelming. My favorite was (of course) the pear béarnaise, followed closely by the demi-glace.

Course #4: Home-made Kielbasa

keilbasaAs a tribute to Perry’s roots as a family owned butcher shop, they offered their signature home-made kielbasa next. Made in Houston at the original Perry’s, and then transported to each restaurant, this lean Polish sausage is smooth and smoky, and served with a honey dijon mustard and a homemade sweet barbeque sauce. I’m just going to leave this right here, because it was amazing and it might be my new best friend, sorry y’all.

Also, this is the part where I asked for the stomach expander.

Course #5: Perry’s Famous Seven Finger Pork Chop

Now here’s the main event: Perry’s Famous Seven Finger Pork Chop. The dish that (rightfully) put Perry’s on the map. This thing – no joke – stands about 6 inches tall, and about 5 inches deep. Fiancé and I discussed at length how this thing could probably cater our wedding on its own.pork chop whiskey ooloong

Once you get over the sheer size of the thing, you can eat it. (They carve it into manageable pieces tableside.) Specially raised in the Midwest and carved for Perry’s, then dried, cured and slow roasted in house for anywhere between 4 and 6 hours (which creates this amazing caramelized crust, y’all. Oh my word), and then, because that isn’t enough, they top it off with herb garlic butter. It is juicy and flavorful and, well let’s just say this, I’m admittedly not a huge pork chop fan…and now I am. Well at least I’m a fan of this one. Easily the best pork chop I have ever encountered. Sorry, Mom.

They paired the chop with the newest drink on the menu, the Oolong Whiskey Spice. Now this is a drink I could get down with. It was smooth and spicy like a good cup of tea, but with a bit of a bite. A+ Five Stars Would Recommend.

Also it should be noted that while this chop is normally in the $35 range for dinner, they do a special on Fridays for lunch (11 a.m. until 4 p.m.) when they serve a smaller chop (only about Four Fingers tall…how meager) with whipped potatoes and homemade applesauce for $12.95. If lunch isn’t going to work for you, they offer a Saturday dinner special which includes your choice of salad, Perry’s Famous Seven Finger Chop and a Dessert Trio for $29.95.

And now I’m full again.


**Disclaimer: I was treated to a complimentary tasting menu by Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille. All opinions are my own.