It’s definitely not your mama’s fried chicken (or anyone else’s) here at Chicken Moto in Richardson. The concept, owned by the founders of bbbop Seoul Kitchen in Dallas, offers a menu that’s a blend of Texas Southern comfort and South Korean Seoul food. (They double fry ALL of their chicken — a common cooking method in Korea.)

“Our fried chicken was added to the bbbop menu and quickly became our number one seller. At that point, we agreed to make Not Your Mama’s Fried Chicken the focal point of our next concept,” says chef/co-owner Sandy Bussey. 



The Chicken Moto menu offers light and crispy Korean fried chicken that won’t weigh you down. As you probably figured, fried chicken makes up the bulk of the menu. Choose from seven different sauces for your dark or white chicken such as soy ginger, curry ranch, Asian-cajun and more. Prices range from $9-25, which includes a side of your choice, a piece of Texas toast. And yes you can order a full bird which comes with two sides and is plenty of food for sharing. Chicken Moto also offers gluten-free wings, and several of their sauces are gluten free, too.

The dark chicken and Texas toast are pictured above. My guest added a side of cole slaw to the meal, and surprisingly, the cole slaw was a bit fruity and had some acidic flavors to it. It was a nice balance to double-fried chicken, and personally, I’m not a huge fan of mayo anyway.


Guests can also enjoy the large portions of chicken and waffles, which comes with a waffle topped with three pieces of chicken and drizzled with gravy and maple syrup. ($9-10 per plate) I paired this entree with a side of mashed potatoes and the elotes (see below).



Here’s where the Texas comfort foods with a Korean twist come in as sides: cole slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, bacon churro beans, butter soy sauce rice and a side salad. (All sides range from $5-7.)

The elotes is not your tradiotnal elotes. At Chicken Moto, it’s still an original corn on the cob cut into a few pieces, but has all the usual elotes toppings. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, it’s a tasty side to select. On the right is the Chicken Cracklin. Hungry for more chicken perhaps? Then this is the side you’ll need to get! It’s the chicken version of pork rinds and tossed in an Asian-Cajun spice blend.


This may have been my first time to experience taro root, which comes from the taro plant that’s native to Southeast Asia and India. And, it’s amazing. This taro root chip is light and not salty, and it comes with a side of spicy queso. The queso also pairs great with the curry fires (just food for thought!).


Other stuff

Kids 12 and under can enjoy a drumstick, some wings or a boneless thigh cutlet for $6, and the meal comes with fries and a drink.

A mixture of craft and classic beers are available with a short list of affordable wines by the glass.

if you still have any room left after your meal, grab a shake made with Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream (a North Dallas favorite!).

The building that houses Chicken Moto was an auto repair shop before the team flipped it into a full-service restaurant with bar. Guests will see motorcycle decor throughout the restaurant, and some other fun themes like Star Wars art.

Chicken Moto is located at 2069 N. Central Expressway in Richardson, right next to Cafe Brazil. Go try it out, and let us know how you like it!


(Disclaimer: My menu tasting was complimentary, and all opinions are my own.)