In our home, Rory is certainly more of the chef, okay fine he cooks almost every meal. BUT I am more of the geek, so I’m a big fan of kitchen gadgets. So I suppose we compliment each other.

Here are some fun kitchen nerd finds:

Vebo: vegetable boil steam strain (via TastingTable)

vegetable boil strainer silicone “Dreamfarm fashions its steamer ($25) from a flexible silicon basket, trading the standard metal frame for one that collapses to fit inside a pot of any size. Plus, the steamer’s strategically placed handles allow for easy removal and draining.”

SodaStream: Soda Maker (via YumSugar)

soda stream at home soda machine

I don’t even really like soda (I never call it that) much, but for some reason every time I see this (particularly in in-flight magazines), I think I need it.

Mini Bear Skillet (via popsugar)

bear shaped skillet for pancakes

Ok really, I know I don’t have kids but who doesn’t like their food in fun shapes? I have sad news though, if you actually wanted to buy this you’ll have to do some digging because the shopping site it goes to from popsugar doesn’t have this any more.

Click Oven Mit Potholders (via technobob)

mouse pointer oven mit potholders

I’m pretty sure I need these. Really, I NEED them. Did I mention the company that sells them is in Brazil, also the website is not in English. sigh.

Tie Tea Cup (via technabob)

Tea Tie Cup Keeps Your Teabag Securely in Place

I really like tea. I may currently have 10+ flavors of teas in my kitchen drawer. The good news is, you can buy this in the US. The bad news is, it’s $25. That’s kinda ridiculous for 1 cup.

Ok your turn… what’s on your nerdy kitchen wishlist?

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3 thoughts on “Nerdy Kitchen Gadgets”

  1. We have all the Star Wars cooking gear from William-Sonoma, but I have to say the pancake molds are more for looks than functionality.

  2. The kitchen gadget I use the most is my barn yard animal shaped waffle maker. William Sonoma no longer carries them and I am searching eBay in case it should someday malfunction. That will be a day of tragedy.

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