Popular interior designer and TV personality Nate Berkus visited Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Dallas area to showcase his new designs with LG Studio. Berkus was selected by LG Studio to serve as their artistic advisor and to help design several kitchen appliances that present a modern, sleek look. (Read more about the line here.) As Berkus said during the VIP event I attended, “LG Studio’s suite of products are the perfect marriage of high function and high design that will deliver big for you each day.”

Berkus is known to help families, couples and homeowners transfer their kitchens, and guess what? The LG Studios appliances can help transform your kitchen, too! Some appliances are worth the splurge, such as a beautifully crafted stainless steel fridge or an industrial stove top. You’ll see a variety of modern designs that are inspired by Berkus that are available at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Check out this Pinterest board for Berkus’ tips on designing your dream kitchen with different styles, textures and elements.

Take a look at the VIP reception photos with Berkus at Nebraska Furniture Mart:







So cool to meet Nate Berkus and learn about his designs with LG Studio!



A parting gift – can’t wait to read his new book!


What are some of your favorite kitchen designs and appliances? 


(Disclaimer: I was invited to a private VIP reception with LG Studio and Nebraska Furniture Mart, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.)