We were invited out to dinner by some friends who suggested Mughlai Indian Cuisine. They found it online and saw a lot of positive reviews. They were all on point.

My husband and I are always open to trying out Indian food. The moment we walked in, we were all welcomed with a smile and warm greeting from the owner. He was very accommodating and friendly. We asked for recommendations of the best dishes and tried a couple. Everything was delicious!

I tried a Mango Lassie for the first time. It’s a yogurt drink made with mango pulp. It tasted like a mango smoothie but wasn’t too sweet. I definitely tasted more mango than anything which was a good thing. This is a drink I could get a craving for and the flavor was not like anything I’ve had before. It’s a little addictive.

For appetizers, we all shared the Tandoori Murgh Chaat which had grilled chicken mixed with onions, bell peppers and a tangy dressing. We also had a mixed grilled dish that included chicken, spicy sausage and shrimp.

As a main course, I had the Murgh Tikka Makhani which had roasted chicken cooked in a rich, creamy tomato sauce. We all shared the garlic naan. My husband and I love garlic naan over the plain. It has so much flavor!

I can’t remember everything that we had but one of the dishes we all tried were the lentils. It was a memorable dish and I’d definitely have them again. The flavors were so delicious! The portions of all the dishes are perfect for sharing. We had leftovers of just about everything, which I enjoyed for lunch the next day and they were just as delicious.

Photo Credit: Mughlai Dallas


We were so comfortable while enjoying conversation, that we didn’t realize we were the last table in the place and we were probably holding them up from closing. They didn’t rush us out or make us feel like we were an inconvenience. Even as we were walking out, we ended up learning more about the family business as he shared amazing stories with us.

I highly recommend this restaurant if you enjoy Indian Cuisine. I’d definitely rate it as one of the top locations in the Dallas area.

Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine, 5301 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX, 972-392-7786. It’s in a small shopping center on the NW corner of Alpha & Monfort.



(Disclaimer: I did not receive any special treatment from the restaurant. No free or discounted meals or beverages were provided.)