Mignon Plano

Ever get one of those emails that makes you smile?! I did last week. Nick Natour, owner of Mignon, invited me to try their lunch menu. I’ve found that it can be overwhelming reading a menu for the first time. Beef, lamb, pork, poultry and seafood — as well as vegetarian dishes — usually are enough to satisfy omnivores like us, but give us a little more variety and we’re even happier. That’s where game comes in. I was pretty jazzed to see Wild Boar on the menu. It was fantastic with much more flavor than your average pork chops. Gnocchi worked well as a counterpoint, strong enough to hold up to the meat without overwhelming it.

Braised Wild Boar

I was also pleasantly surprised House Cured Smoked Salmon appetizer. It comes out as a tower and as you pull through the layers, you are greeted with guacamole inside that’s seasoned perfectly.

House Cured Smoked Salmon

I finished up my lunch with my favorite dessert, creme brûlée. It was just as delicious as I would expect.

Creme Brulee

I dined inside, but I noticed their gorgeous patio, which is where you will find me the next time I dine at Mignon. They will be doing some renovations soon, but don’t fret. The food will be exceptional. 🙂

Mignon Steaks, Seafood & Cocktails
4005 Preston Rd # 518, Plano, TX (map); 972-943-3372

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