Mesero is now open the Shops at Clearkfork, an upscale shopping center in Southwest Fort Worth. Many of us in Dallas have dined at Mesero (am I right?), and now Fort Worth can get in on all the fun. Mesero takes Tex-Mex to a whole new level with its elegant ceviche, not-so-ordinary dips, craft cocktails and more.

The spacious restaurant includes plenty of seating inside and on the patio, an open kitchen and beautiful aesthetics all around.


Guests will find a dozen options for starters, but not in an overwhelming way, on the menu. Choose from different types of dips (how hot can you go?) and other popular Tex-Mex options.

Notable highlights include:

The Trio: queso mesero, guacamole clasico and roxie salad, which comes with housemade pico de gallo (all with distinguished flavors and will having you dipping your chips and other food you order in these throughout the visit!)



Shrimp ceviche: Tiger shrimp marinated with citrus, jalapeño pepper, heirloom grape tomato, green onion, avocado and cilantro. It’s a MUST order and a popular request by patrons.


Queso Mesero: We gave this queso two thumbs up for its super creamy and cheesy taste. (A huge win in my book.)




The portions are generous and go beyond Tex-Mex classics. First we tried the Verdes Enchiladas, which came with two chicken enchiladas, tomatillo, red onion, queso fresco, crema mexicana and arroz rojo. These crave-worthy enchiladas may just be the best enchiladas around!


Combination plates are a personally favorite of mine, probably because I’m an indecisive person. So I like having lots of options on one plate! I ordered the Combo #4 (there are five combo hoices total), and this plate came with verdes enchilada, brisket taco, mesero slaw and arroz verde. The serving was generous, and the brisket taco was my favorite part. The tender brisket is packed within the taco and just melts in your mouth.

And the prices aren’t bad either. Entrees range from $10-20. We can’t wait to go back for more!



Choose from chocolate flan and carrot cake for a sweet finish to your meal. Also on the menu is Cinco Leches – you read that right. Not tres but CINCO (5)!!. So go ahead and grab two forks for you and your dining partner. It’ll satisfy your post-meal sugar craving, if you have one like me.



Now the best part of the entire visit was definitely the drinks! With big margaritas that have a strong finish, Mesero’s fun vibes continue over your meal. Enjoy from a variety of craft cocktails with fun twists and great liquors.


The Jalapina – spicy, strong and all sorts of right (comes with herradura reposado, pina fresco, jalapeno, cointreau, citrus)


More refreshing margarita options

From left to right:

Meserita (herradura silver, cointreau, citrus)

La Dona (herradura reposado, cointreau, citrus)



The Fort Worth location of Mesero is located at 4955 Gage Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76109. See a list of all of their locations here.


(Disclaimer: My menu sampling was complimentary, and all opinions are my own.)