If you follow me on Instagram you probably know a few weeks ago we signed up for a menu planning service called The Fresh 20. I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it. The twitter sized speal is: every Friday you get an email with a grocery list of 20 fresh items that make 5 recipes for the week (4 servings each). Each weekly list of groceries should be less than $80.

I do plan to write several posts about the recipes we’ve made, as well as the modifications I’d recommend. But today I wanted to let you know there is a Groupon (ending in 10 hours as of this posting) for $24 for a whole year subscription. We decided to try out the monthly option which was $5 per month (we’ve done November and December). I was already considering switching to the Annual subscription when I saw this deal. We subscribe to the Classic meal plan, but there is also a Vegetarian and Gluten Free subscription options. *note: you can not switch between the three.

Here are a few photos from our Fresh 20 meals we’ve made.