The Mercury is known for its delicious All-American food, but recently they added a new cuisine to the mix. Sushi! I was invited to try out some items on their new menu and was shocked by the “sushi” I tried! I brought along one of my picky-eater friends and both of us agreed that EVERYTHING was outstanding! Here are the tasty entrees that Chef Roger Man whipped up for us at Sushi at The Mercury!

The Best Pineapple Mojito I’ve EVER Had!


Tempura Fried Rice Cakes

These were surprisingly hearty and perfectly crispy


Kampachi Grapefruit

These had a very light flavor that was refreshing to the palette.


Uni Lemon Shooter

Don’t be scared by the wasabi on top, this shooter was awesome. Plus it comes with that fruit in the front, which tastes like chewing Sprite!


Seared Salmon

This comes with a sweet miso sauce! Oh, and the portion is actually a bit bigger than this. I was so eager to try it that I had two pieces before I remembered to snap a picture. 🙂


Big Eye Migori

This was absolutely delicious. It comes with a sweet and sour chili lime sauce. Then its placed on top on some crispy vermicelli noodles.


Wagyu Beef

This was my first time ever having wagyu beef and it will definitely not be my last. While I absolutely loved everything that came out, this was probably one of my favorite. I’ve never had beef just melt in my mouth until this entree came out! Its marinated with a ponzu sauce and ground ginger, and served with ground daikon with chili paste an scallions.


Thai Filet

This light and refreshing dish was simple with snapper, lemon juice, and cucumber.


Rare Grilled Torm

This was my first time having torm and I loved it. It reminded me of a super tender, fatty salmon!


These entrees were perfect and I loved that there were so many new-to-me ingredients on the list! Chef Roger Man really prepares his food with love and you can taste it in these entrees. Our server, Marcus, was outstanding as well. He described everything perfectly and answered any and every question we had without blinking an eye! From the drinks to the entrees to the atmosphere, this place is a must try…and try again!