Tapas are designed to encourage conversation. You aren’t sitting there per usual staring deeply into a giant plate of food without uttering a single word like other traditional food outings. At Casa Rubia, the food does all of the talking. James Beard nominated executive chef and owner Omar Flores shines as he puts his personal touch on some classic Spanish tapas.

You don’t have to travel far to get your tapas fix. Located at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in the ever expanding . development, the restaurant has an elegant interior with long high tables that span the width of the restaurant giving you the full experience of enjoying tapas standing up (how the Spanish frequently enjoy theirs). The patio caters to diners who want to enjoy their culinary experiences al fresco during those wonderful Texas nights.

If you are new to the tapas game, feast your eyes on this!


Charcuterie and cheeses are the name of the game for starters. Chicken liver mousse and prune condiment for days. Fresh bread toasted over an open flame grill gives it an unbelievably smoky flavor. Build your own cheese and meat board or try the chef’s tasting recommended board. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Then there were tapas. Small and social, these plates are meant to be shared friends and family. Enjoy with a glass of a fine Spanish wine from Casa Rubia’s extensive selection. Some of the featured tapas include Amish Chicken Croquettes with jamon serrano, smoked paprika and valdeon crema. Garlic Gulf Shrimp are doused in olive oil, sofrito, chile de arbol, lemon and sherry and then grilled to perfection. Plump and juicy, these little guys are a must order.


Crispy Potatoes (a.k.a. Patatas Bravas – a.k.a. ‘Angry Potatoes’) are small pieces of potatoes deep fried to a crunchy and light golden brown topped with salsa brava, garlic aioli and spicy pimenton. If you don’t order these, the only thing angrier than the potatoes will be your guests at the table. MUST TRY!


Here are some other featured tapas that will have you jumping for joy!

Marcona almonds, mixed Spanish olives, Cape Cod mussels en escaheche featuring sour orange, jerez, smoked trout roe and accompanied by house made dill potato chips. Spanish anchovies featuring 2-minute quail eggs, piperade and herb olive oil.


With any Spanish tapas endeavor, sangria is the drink of choice. Casa Rubia goes above and beyond to ensure that this is the absolute finest sangria your lips have ever graced. I give to you the Sparkling Sangria. Cava, Licor 43, brandy, mixed fruit and vanilla bean intermingle for a sweet yet effervescent cocktail. The vanilla bean is mind blowing and adds a subtle yet straight forward layer.


Social Hour features several cocktails and tapas for a steal Monday-Friday from 5pm-8pm. Everything on the social hour menu is under $5 including 6 cocktails, three “porrons”, and 7 tapas. Go ahead and treat yourself after a long day of work to some unbelievable food and drinks with a wonderful view of the Big D skyline.

(My meal was complimentary and my thoughts and opinions are my own)