Get your produce home delivered and Eden Green will donate food to DFW food banks, shelters and more.

If you live in the Dallas area, check out Profound Food’s online ordering and delivery service. For every 1 lb bag of leafy greens you order, EdenGreen gives 1lb of fresh greens to a local nonprofit to feed people in need.

Food Safety Certified & Extremely Nutritious

Our locally grown butterhead, green oak, kale, chard and mustard greens are at their peak of freshness and have more nutrition than the typical shipped-from-California produce. We will continue to grow our greens in a contamination-free, Food Safety Certified environment, and maintain the highest standards of hygiene and food handling.

Profound Foods x Eden Green Technology

Eden Green wants to get produce to the people affected by the Coronavirus, closures, and job loss on a daily basis – and they are working with businesses and nonprofits to ease their minds and feed their bellies.

Those who need our help most:

  • Professionals who have lost their jobs
  • Kids who lack access to 3-meals a day
  • The elderly and immunocompromised 

Are you a corporation who wants to feed their staff and help your community?

Visit for details