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FOOTBALL IS BACK! With the arrival of the NFL and college football seasons comes tailgates, refreshing drinks and good company. We’ve rounded up three new-to-us bottles and cans that make for great choices when it comes to your next pre-game or at-home watch party. Check it out!

The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co.

offshoot beer

Crack open some brews from California-based The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co. – now expanded to additional states across the U.S. including sold around Texas. We love that the brand geeks out on the intricacies of making these beers.

These hop-forward brews are crisp and provide a big amount of hops up front. Enjoy juicy and grapefruit notes over several different flavors. And not to brag but the Relax and Retreat beers are currently the #3 Hazy IPA and #4 Hazy Double IPA respectively in craft 4 pack in Nielsen Total US Food. It’s easy to follow the brand’s motto of kicking back and relaxing – especially during your outdoor BBQ parties this season. This is the beer for that!

Click here to find a store carrying Offshoot Beer or order them online.


Texas Pot Still Bourbon from Balcones Distilling

Not only is September the beginning of the football season, it’s also National Bourbon Heritage Month!

The tailgate cocktail recipes are endless when it comes to bourbon. We sipped on Texas Pot Still Bourbon from Waco-based Balcones Distilling and enjoyed the big flavors, plus soft and sweet finish. Pair your drink (mixed or straight) with any sweet, smoky or spicy food you’re cooking up for the football games. It’s definitely one that will be enjoyed by new and longstanding bourbon fans alike!

From grain to glass, Balcones sought out the perfect ingredients to make a luscious, memorable drink. Learn more about the brand here.

balcones bourbon


Virginia Distillery Co.’s Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whiskey

As a relative novice when it comes to whiskey, I always had the term “Single Malt” categorized in my head as “stuff I can’t justify the expense to drink.” If you’ve got that in your head as well, let me tell you, it’s not true, and you are missing out on a category that truly shines. That’s why this drink is one worth sharing at your next tailgate party.

Virginia Distillery sent us a bottle of their Courage & Conviction American Single Malt Whiskey, and after a couple rounds of getting familiar with it, it really is a stand-out. Totally affordable, complex enough to stay interesting, but not challenging at 46% abv.

At 3 years, it’s relatively young, but a combination of Sherry and Cuvee casks in the maturing process really bring some interesting qualities to this bottling. If you haven’t heard of Cuvee casks before, join the club. Only a handful of distilleries use these re-charred red wine casks, and the spice note that they produce, that lands near the finish for me, is definitely noticeable. It’s bright, clean, and slightly subtly sweet up front, evolving into those creamy and spicy notes as if flows back on your palate. So for an elevated tailgate drink, add this to your collection!

Click here to find a bottle near you! Products available in Texas include the distillery’s three new whiskies its Courage & Conviction product line, featuring individual bottlings of the core trio of casks – bourbon, sherry and cuvée – that make up its flagship offering of Courage & Conviction.



(Disclaimer: We were sent sample of the drinks mentioned in this article. All opinions are our own.)