Second stop on our “Taste of the Holidays at the Galleria Dallas“, was a private dining experience in the new Privé private dining room at the Second Floor Bistro. Featuring a full bar, a wall mounted fireplace, and creative accents that compliment the modern feel, Privé is a wonderful place for entertaining and can comfortably seat 56 people. Sharing a kitchen with the Second Floor Bistro, Privé guests get to enjoy the brilliantly prepared food from Second Floor’s Executive Chefs Joel Harloff and Scott Gottlich.

Prepared for our arrival was a selection from Privé’s exclusive holiday menu with wine, and the chance to sit and take in the unique space. We enjoyed the light, sweet flavors of the Caramelized Apple and Shallot Flatbread with Arugula and Havarti-Dill Cheese, while sipping on a 2009 Monastrell, Olivares “altos do la hoya”, from Jumilla Spain. The flavors complimented each other well, and would be a wonderful light lunch or brunch item.

Here’s a fun tidbit! Apparently, they held a contest to decide the name of this location and our good friend Betsy, @dallassocials ( came up with the winning name! Privé, as I’m sure you can guess, means private, in French.

We enjoyed a fun night of  food and beverages, free of charge, courtesy of the Galleria Dallas with several of our foodie friends. Our honest opinions as posted here remain unaffected by the complimentary nature of the meal.  We had a great time, enjoyed some wonderful food, and we hope you enjoy our recap!