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3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House | Frisco, TX

If you are a long time reader of Dallas Food Nerd or if you know Rory or me personally you might have an idea of just how nerdy the founding nerds behind DFN are. We opted for the name Dallas Food Nerd for a few reasons, most of which we love to “nerd out” about a new restaurant, a particular dish preparation style or even letting the people of the internet determine what we order.

Here’s a quick look into my food nerdy practices:

  • after we’ve decided where we are going, my first virtual stop is Foursquare. I love to read the tips, see how many of my friends have been to a particular place and just over all get the inside scoop.
  • Since there’s not an easy way to stalk Instagram location photos until you’re at the physical place I generally post a quick photo (usually the door or the menu) so that I can then get a visual idea of what actually LOOKS good. Note: I used to use Foodspotting app for this.
  • After this narrowing down process I generally like to the quiz our server – “do you like A, B or C?” is my usual. For this reason, I love attending food media events where I can get the WHOLE scoop about a restaurant, or new menu items.

So, you might imagine that getting this Foursquare badge when I checked in to 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House a few weeks ago made me laugh.

Foursquare Porky Badge | Brisket or ribs? Pulled pork or pork belly? What sides will you get? Whatever you choose, remember to bask in that contented, full-of-barbecue feeling before it turns into over-stuffed regret. And wipe that sauce off your face. Youre making us hungry.


And oh man, everything we were served from their newest menu lived up to this badge!! Brisket – Yep. Ribs – Yep. Also, fried dill pickles, cheese fries, sliders, brisket cheesesteak (are you full yet?). club sandwich AND BBQ Cuban Sandwich. I opted out of the two salads that were passed around (Cowboy Cobb Salad & Contessa’s Salad) because really ALL of the meat, oh and I may have asked for my own side of Mac & Cheese. Priorities, man!!

Here’s some foodporn for ya:

Appetizers | 3 Stacks BBQ
Cheese Fries (new item), Wings, Onion Rings


Salads at 3 Stacks Smoke House
Contessa’s Salad & Cowboy Cobb Salad (both new to the menu)
Fish Tacos | 3 Stacks
Mahi Mahi Tacos (great lighter option)
Brisket Cheesesteak | 3 Stacks Smoke House, Frisco TX
Brisket Cheesesteak
BBQ Cuban Sandwich | 3 Stacks Smoke House
BBQ Cuban Sandwich
World Famous Ribs from "The Rib Whisperer"
World Famous Ribs from “The Rib Whisperer”

It was also quite fun meeting Trace Arnold, aka “The Rib Whisperer.” He has the world’s largest smoker and grill. He and his smoker are featured on the History Channel. Now, if that’s not every man’s dream!


My first thought in my over-stuffed food comma stage was I MUST bring the men in my family to have some of these delicious meat dishes. The timing was perfect, since my dad was celebrating a birthday in March. We went back as a family the following week. For a Friday night there was a bit of a wait, but let me tell ya it was well worth it.

Rory started with beer, because Friday. With over 36 beers on tap, and several local selections – he ended up with Revolver’s Blood and Honey.

Revolver Blood & Honey Beer | 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House

My younger (and much bigger) brother and I share a love of pickles so we *attempted* to share a bucket of their Fried Dill Pickles. Word of advice – never try to share any food with a teenage boy. Especially, not food as good as 3 Stacks!!

On this second visit to 3 Stacks, we were much more concerned with eating than we were with food photoing so here’s a quick shot of the dishes we ended up with.
3 Stacks BBQ Frisco

Mine was Jalapenos Cheddar Sausage with a side of Mac & Cheese.

Mac & Cheese with Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage  from 3 Stacks BBQ in Frisco, TX

You can tell by my photo that I was quite excited about that mac and cheese. These two sides are also worth trying!

Spicy corn and bacon green beans from 3 Stacks

Oh and last but not least we closed with three desserts. I wish I could have eaten all three on my own, because their desserts are amazing but really ALL of the FULL!!

desserts from 3 Stacks Frisco
Brownie Bottom Pie, Banana Pudding, & Apple Piebbler (pie/cobbler)

So, to answer your questions –

  • 3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House is worth the venture north of 635.
  • Yes, you should bring your whole family.
  • You should save room for dessert
  • The most popular items on Foursquare are: Sausage and Apple Piebbler (pie/cobbler)
  • And yes, you should sit on the other side of the table from any teen boys you bring so there won’t be any wandering forks!

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