I can’t think of a more Texas mural! El Fenix off of McKinney Ave in Downtown Dallas has recently created a mural outside of their restaurant to showcase their love for all things Texas and Tex-Mex! Just like this mural was made for Texans, I can’t think of a more perfect restaurant to have this mural. El Fenix is 100% authentically Tex-Mex.

Stop by for a fun mural and stay for your favorite Tex-Mex classics. Now don’t get Tex-Mex mixed up with ordinary.  El Fenix knows how to make our favorite Tex-Mex dishes that we have come to love such as Fajitas, Enchiladas, Flautas, and more. Join El Fenix on Wednesdays for $5.99 Enchiladas!

El Fenix also has a delicious mix of margaritas with a strong dose of tequila. Check out their specials for new creations!

El Fenix opened in 1918 several years after Miguel, the owner, moved from Mexico to Dallas. The menu seen above is a menu that’s been there since the beginning. While the food items around it change, this part of the menu remains the same. It’s like taking little bites of history! It’s crazy to think that this restaurant has been around for 100 years and still continues to grow! It’s clear from the taste and the history behind them that El Fenix is here to stay. Miguel has built a tasty empire for us to enjoy!

You can’t go wrong with queso and guacamole! Well, you can… But El Fenix has one of the top traditional quesos in DFW.

While El Fenix includes the typical Tex-Mex enchiladas we love, they also have some unique twists such as a spicy brisket enchilada. Overall, the black beans tasted fresher than the regular refried and I would opt for these when you get the chance.

You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Apart from a select few unique dishes, El Fenix sticks to the classics that we are accustomed to. You know what to expect when going to El Fenix and it’s that Tex-Mex comfort that draws us in.