Every time I hear about someone starting a juice cleanse, I immediately think of fad diets, a quick fix to suddenly become healthy, or how expensive it must be. This is not the case when cleansing at Nekter Juice Bar’s newest location in Snider Plaza, where 15 servings of vegetables and fruits per day are bottled at peak freshness to rid your body of toxins.


Based in California, Nekter Juice Bar focuses on raw and vegan ingredients in all of the freshly pressed juices, smoothies, and Acai bowls. Offering Classic or Advanced Juice Cleanses, customers can pre-order their drinks in 1, 2, 3, or 5 – day increments ($65 – $300.) Nekter is all about options, especially for thirsty folks on the run. The chilled “To-Go” selection is designed to enable quick access, choices, payment, and delivery. Featuring discounted one-day cleanses ($58) needing to be consumed within the next day, 6 (expanding to 28) bottled cleansing drinks ideal for pre/post-workout or hydrating boosts, and plenty of clean treats, these products are the perfect choice if you aren’t able to wait 5 – 7 minutes for your made-to-order drink. Nekter believes in simplicity…just grab and go!

I had the opportunity to speak with the owner of this location, John W. Thompson, who filled me in on his passionate outlook on the store’s future. After seeing that every California Nekter Juice Bar always has lines out the door, he knew he had to bring this juice to Texas. Following a long four month process, John became the Texas Franchisee and had his first grand opening three weeks ago in Snider Plaza. Conveniently located and designed for every customer to see the products being freshly made, this concept is perfect for the Park Cities. Future DFW locations are in the works (two opening in the fall), as well as in other cities around Texas. John’s ideas are so innovative and driven with determination to provide Texas the best service and quality of the products. He is a people person with a love for health, wellness, fitness, and of course juicing; honestly, I can’t imagine anyone more perfect for the job!

I had the pleasure of sampling many products on separate occasions, since I can’t go many days without a Nekter fix now. My favorite item on the menu is the Acai Tropical Bowl, made with Acai, banana, pineapple, coconut butter, and cashew nut milk all blended together on top of Gluten Free Raw Oat Nut Granola. Plus, it comes topped with more granola, bananas, and even raw coconut flakes! Basically, it’s a thick smoothie parfait in a bowl with extra crunch and nutrition. Originally, each Acai Bowl comes with hempseed granola, but I opted for the GF ($1 additional charge.) I also made it a Greenie Bowl (add kale and spinach) for another dollar, which gave it the extra nutrition I craved.

The Pitaya Bowl (AKA: Barbie Bowl) is another crowd favorite due to the coconut water instead of cashew nut milk, blended with super fruit pitaya, banana, pineapple, and coconut butter. It’s not finished until completely topped with granola, raw coconut flakes, and bananas. Of course I’m obsessed with the other flavors as well, PB Bowl and Acai Banana Berry, due to their harmonious blends and exotic flavors. Plus, every bowl is $6.75, unless you add greens or make it GF. Don’t be afraid to customize; for example, I have added strawberries to my Acai Tropical Bowl and asked for only spinach in my “Greenie” Acai Banana Berry Bowl. It’s not a secret that any combination is the right one!


Juices and smoothies can be made custom with a base price depending on size, and no added charge for any item you throw in! I normally order 8 or 16 oz juices ($3 – $4.75) when needing a boost, but definitely can’t resist getting a 24 oz ($6.75) smoothie if it’s my meal. Ranging in size from kids to 32 oz ($3 – $8.50), these drinks have everyone in the family full and happy. Popeye’s Acai, Berry Banana Burst, Chocolate Dream, and Tropical Cooler (add strawberries) are the smoothies I have tasted and plan on continuing to order in the future. The natural and raw fruits and veggies put these drinks on another level, due to the high levels of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. The base can vary as well, including apple or orange juice, cashew nut milk, or coconut water. Pick your flavor or add Hemp Protein (additional $.75) depending on your nutritional wants and needs!

For juices, the most popular choices are Toxin Flush, The Sublime, The Greenie, and The Buzz. One of my favorites is the Buzz, a combination of orange, carrot, lemon, and ginger, which is a tasty alternative if you’re not feeling the greens. As for the Sublime, it is definitely sublime! Especially with John’s recommendation of adding apples to increase the sweetness.

After drinking these juices, I had an immediate pep in my step and loved the natural caffeine boost. With benefits such as rejuvenating skin, flushing out toxins, soothing the stomach, and giving our body natural fuel…why not juice? In addition, I love the option to add a little or a lot of ice to the juice if you aren’t a fan of drinking it at room temperature. If you love broccoli in your juice, the natural antacid, stay on the lookout for stalks to be included in the process. John mentioned even more health benefits come from the stalks, so as a result, he can’t wait to start throwing those bad boys in along with the heads.

The grab-and-go bottled juices ($5 – $7) are made with the same love, but have different ingredients/combinations than on the menu. I really enjoyed the three I tried: Skinny Strawberry, Skinny Ginger, and Green Energy. Chocked full of fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices, these drinks made me feel restored and ready for the rest of the day. No more random coffee pit stops for me, because I definitely found my natural “caffeination station.” Also be sure to try a shot of their wheatgrass or ginger ($1.50 – $3.50) for another great taste!


Marketing concepts run through the veins of every Nekter Juice Bar, as seen in their social media presence, customer service, and engaging advertising. I loved being able to save 10% by checking in on Facebook, getting $2 off of my second drink of the day when bringing my first receipt back in after 2 p.m. and receiving a free 16 oz drink after buying a Nekter tumbler! In addition to these yummy savings, they also offer a free drink once the one-day cleanse bag is returned and 50 cents off any drink when reusing the tumbler. Seriously, eating and drinking right has never tasted better!

Visit Nekter’s website to see the menu and information on the juice cleanses, as well as stay current on updated (Texas) locations! Check out Twitter and Instagram for vibrant photos, inspirational quotes, and healthy lifestyle tips.  Dallas’ Facebook location page and Yelp are getting more likes and great feedback by the second, so be sure to spread the word too!

Nekter Juice Bar is located in the heart of SMU at 6712 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205. (This place even smells healthy!)

(Disclaimer: I have received discounts on most menu items as well as a free 16 oz Buzz juice. Other juices and bowls were purchased full price simply because I couldn’t resist trying more Nekter!)