I recently attended one of Cork Wine Bar’s events (a Rosé wine and cheese pairing) and learned all about their state-of-the-art wine bar and newest series of wine classes.

We arrived a few minutes before the class and were offered a glass of one of their Happy Hour wines. They separate their wines by flavor type, like Big and Bold, that change weekly and are just $5 a glass Monday through Friday from 4-7 p.m. The best part is, you can use the touchscreens around the store to learn more about each of the featured wines before you pick your glass. They also give wine lovers the opportunity to enjoy a one-ounce tasting or full six-ounce glass from one of 48 different wine options, which vary monthly.

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Once our class started, the sommelier took time to explain each of the 10 selected wines, where they were from, how each process differed from some of the other wines and what tasting notes to look for when sampling the wine. He took time to answer any questions people had and shared his personal opinion on each of the wines. Some of our favorites from the event were the Mark Herold ‘Flux’ Rosé, Bruno Clair Marsannay Rosé and Chateau de Pibarnon Bandol Rosé. One of the greatest things we learned from our class was about Becky Wasserman. She’s an American expatriate and wine broker who has lived in Burgundy since 1968 and has grown a prestigious portfolio (now with the help of her sons) of small-batch wines and champagne that are then distributed to America. The sommelier explained that anytime you see “Becky Wasserman Selections” on a bottle of wine, you know you’re in for a real treat and something quite special.

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In addition to the pairing classes and date night packages, Cork is now expanding its Wine 101 classes. A Wine 201 and 301 class has been added to the course lineup and will take place throughout April. Taught by owners Stephanie and Jeff Rennells, Cork’s Fundamentals of Wine Series will focus on basic wine varieties and regions, how to identify what you smell and taste, how to spot common defects in wine, how to select wine from a menu, how to read a wine label, and the basics of how wine is made. Registration for series is $115 per person. See below for more details on each class.

Wine 101- The Basics (Wednesday, April 2)
This class focuses on basic wine varieties and regions, how to identify what you smell and taste, how to select wine from a menu when dining out, how to read a wine label, the basics of how wine is made and more.

Wine 201- Beyond the Basics (Wednesday, April 16)
You’ve got the basics, now you’re ready to build your wine knowledge and tasting skills. In this class, we’ll focus on territories and regions while also focusing on sensory recognition and palate building in wine. We’ll examine the wide array of aromas and flavors found in classic wine varieties. After honing our identification skills, we’ll explore the grape growing and winemaking techniques that impact these components. Cork’s wine experts will help you enhance your ability to analyze and talk about wine. You’ll learn not just the how, but the why behind what we experience and enjoy in each glass.

Wine 301- The Next Level (Wednesday, April 30)
Take your wine knowledge to the next level! This class will focus on identifying a wines structure and balance. You’ll learn how to pick out acid, tannins, sweetness, oak, and aging from a sip of wine, and use that information to figure out the grapes in the blend, and the region it comes from. We’ll also cover common wine flaws like cork taint, bacteria, and oxidation. Explore how to use your senses to detect subtle notes in a wine and be able to describe them.

Cork Wine Bar
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