In my six years here in Dallas, I’ve quickly learned there are two things us Dallasites can’t live without: brunch and patio dining. As such, you can imagine my excitement when the folks at Del Frisco’s Grille invited fellow Food Nerd RealPoshMom and me to join them for brunch on their patio this past Saturday.

Before I get too far along with this recap, let me first tip my hat to DFG for even offering a Saturday brunch. Many a times I’ve had a hankering for brunch to start my Saturday, only to find many of Dallas’ favorite breakfast haunts only fire up the griddle and poach their eggs on Sundays – missed opportunity if you ask me.
Alas, our brunch kicked off with various appetizers. I’ve got to hand it Executive Chef Aaron Henschen, which has found a fun spin on shareable brunch dishes with his Carbonara Flatbread – a flatbread packed with eggs (Sunny-Side-Up), sliced prosciutto, parmesan, and finished off with cracked black pepper cream ($14).

As you can imagine, all this can make a food nerd thirsty, so I was pleased when the attentive wait staff poured me a perfectly spicy Bloody Mary. Now, let’s be honest…a Bloody Mary is a very personal thing – some like ‘em spicy, others like ‘em salty, tangy or even packed with all the fixins. The folks at DFG have found a way to appease all Bloody Mary drinkers with its at-table plate-o-extras (I totally just made that name up). It’s all the beauty of a BYOBM bar, without ever having to leave the table, it’s a beautiful thing, trust me…

Now, on to the main course, for which I chose The Grille Benedict ($13). I’ve got to say, of the various benedicts I’ve had in town, most fall short when it comes to finding a way to differentiate their dish from the standard English muffin topped with ham, egg and hollandaise. Henschen has broken away from the pack with this creation. He lays a hearty foundation with a scallion & white cheddar biscuit, and then tops it with ham, a perfectly poached egg, and chipotle hollandaise. While my dish didn’t come with any sides (those are ordered separately), I was easily full from the hearty biscuit base, and the flavorful kick of the hollandaise brought my dish to a tasty finish.

And what’s brunch without a little dessert? While they presented our table with an array of sweets, the one that really stood out was the Coconut Cream Pie. Flawlessly presented, it had a nice not-too-sweet, not-too-coconutty flavor to it, and proved to be the perfect end to the meal.

While the Dallas brunch scene may find itself overly crowded, I’ve got to hand it to DFG for serving up a unique, tasty brunch experience. I’ll definitely be back, and I certainly hope all of you in Dallas Food Nerd Nation will give it a try!

Del Frisco’s Grille

3232 McKinney Ave.

Dallas, Texas 75204