For someone who has lived in Irving for over a decade, I somewhat have a grasp of what the area is lacking. Aside from dessert and Italian spots (which Irving is about to get more of thanks to Toyota Music Factory), an authentic Brazilian steakhouse was one of them. Irving is not a stranger to this type of cuisine, but there has yet to be a restaurant that lives up to the hype and price tag– until now. Boi Na Braza, who opened its doors last Wednesday in the Toyota Music Factory, may quite possibly the best Brazilian steakhouse experience I’ve ever had in the DFW. They invited us to their ribbon cutting ceremony, just take a look below!

The moment you walk in, you’ll see the most inviting bar with their range of spirits on display. They also have an extensive selection of wine and beer. It’s a great way to socialize and mingle, especially if there’s a wait for a table.

Above is the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail. It was delicious and potent!

The more you explore the restaurant, the more inviting it becomes. They have a vast wine collection on display (it’s basically a wine fridge wall), there’s some fireplace action, and some gorgeous table setting that will get you excited for the food.

If you’ve never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before, it’s definitely quite the unique experience. In general, they have kitchen-prepped sides both hot and cold all at your disposal. This can be a fresh salad you make on your own, some cold pasta salads, some cheeses and meats, rice, soup, bread, etc. Boi Na Braza had them all! I was very impressed with their cheese, meat, and pepper selection. Definitely something I didn’t see much of in other Brazilian steakhouses here.

SUSHI! They had sushi. The chicken was amazing as well. But don’t fill up on these because the star of the meal has yet to arrive. Once you get settled in, they bring you other hot sides like polenta fries, fried bananas, and pão de queijo AKA Brazilian cheese bread AKA the most delicious bread you will ever try. I’m so obsessed with these babies and I have never had them taste THIS delicious. I’m not kidding.

Now for the actual star of the show: the gauchos. Gauchos (historically horse/cattlemen in Brazil who served roasted meat in skewers to their family and friends) walk around the restaurant carrying different types of meat: prime rib, chicken, lamb, sausage, bacon wrapped chicken, and bacon wrapped beef to name a few. They’ll then slice off a portion for you, which eventually will pile onto your plate but in the best way possible.

My favorite would have to be the prime rib, and I may have been dreaming about it for days already. They also make their own sausage– it’s personally created by/for them and isn’t sold anywhere else.  The photos do not do this meal justice. It’s really just an experience you have to see for yourself. If you miraculously have room for dessert, they also have some amazing options! I really recommend the Brazilian flan.

If you’re looking for a Brazilian steakhouse that will not disappoint and is worth every penny, go with Boi Na Braza. It’s the perfect date night spot (Valentine’s Day is coming up!), and they’re also perfect for lunch meetings. Happy hour starts at 4:30, dinner starts at 5. Boi Na Braza also offers brunch, which I cannot wait to try here soon!

Disclosure: While Boi Na Braza provided complimentary dinner, all thoughts and opinions are my own.