I know what you’re thinking. Oh great…another burger spot in Dallas. Yes, you’re right. There are a plethora of burger-centric restaurants all over city. We’re also not lacking in Mexican/Tex Mex spots either, and yet no one really says anything about that. Just saying…

The way I see it, another burger spot just gives us another option, and I’m all about choices. The newest one to join the mix is BGR the Burger Joint, located in the Knox-Henderson area, comes to us from the East Coast, but arrives with a big reputation – it was named No.1 burger restaurant in the Washington D.C. multiple years by several sources. (You can google it yourself if you like.)

So what’s behind the hype and makes it the best? Well, maybe it’s the meat. BGR only serves exclusive USDA prime, dry-aged beef from grass-fed, antibiotic-free cows in Nebraska and Colorado. This is good and all, but for me, a good burger is not just determined by the quality of meat, but how each component of the burger melts together in my mouth. And during my visit at their media dinner, I learned they are doing it right.



Even with their pristine meat, BGR has done a good job of providing the right number of “bunned” options for its customers. You can either order a customized burger or select from one of their “masterpieces.” BGR My Way can be made with a regular beef, veggie, turkey or grilled chicken patty, but my advice is to go with The Original. Most of the beef that I eat is consumed during these DFN reviews/samplings, and The Original BGR Burger with The Works was worth every bit of rumblin in my tummy. I have to say…this may be one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. Before you slay me with comments below, here me out.

This was the first burger we sampled, and it shined throughout the whole event. The prime meat was nestled in between two brioche buns from Main Street Bistro & Bakery in Plano and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and this mojo sauce that will make your eyes roll back in pleasure. This burger is proof that sometimes you don’t need artisanal/gourmet ingredients to make something savory.



I could have stopped there, but alas, the masterpieces await. BGR has several specialty burgers for individuals who want to try something different. Prepare your stomachs.

The Wellington is their Grand Champion burger from the World Food Championships and is topped with caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, black truffles and blue cheese crumbles. Hello, decadence!

If you’re not a fan of beef, the BGR Greek Burger with a ground lamb patty with Tzatziki, feta, cucumber, red onion, lettuce and tomato is a great option or the California Club will also satisfy your sandwich cravings. Even the Veggie Burger was a favorite for my plus one who said he would return to BGR just for this burger. That’s saying something.

After The Original, the Triple D silenced the entire crowd. This burger was topped with an over easy egg, apple wood smoked bacon, grilled jalapeno, cheddar cheese and some of that gosh darn mojo sauce. Warning – when they say grilled jalapeno, they mean the whole damn thing, not slices. *Side note – “Triple D” stands for “Dirty, Dirty, Dallas” and it’s often used to refer to the city. There’s your bit of urban knowledge for the day.*



Indeed, this burger made me blush it was so dirty. The combination of the mojo sauce with the grilled jalapeno knocked me out of my seat. Plus, you can’t help but lick your fingers, or maybe more, as the egg drips down the burger bun. You don’t want to waste any of that yolk goodness.

This burger is NOT for the faint at heart. You have to be ready to conquer this. It’s highly encouraged that you order a beer courtesy of the Lakewood Brewing Co. and get a side of garlic fries to join this session. Eat it with confidence because that’s what we do in Dallas. There’s no shame in our game.




If the Triple D is too gangsta for you, there’s also a Ahi Tuna Burger with grilled pineapple that is much more sophisticated, but frankly, just as not as fun. And of course, for those are who watching their carb count, any burger can be wrapped up in lettuce, and you’ll be sure to keep your bikini-body ready through the winter. Plus, it will leave you more room for one of their signature milkshakes.



And there you have it – another burger spot that you can add to your phone’s note page or if you’re real, that Excel spreadsheet broken down by genre, time of day and area of the city. I don’t judge at all. I think the key to navigating all of the same-kind of restaurants in Dallas is to find what makes each of them unique. With so many options, it’s easy to just stick to the regular spots and be hesitant to try something new. But where’s the fun in that? At the end of the day, every restaurant, even the super popular ones, were new at some point, but we gave them a shot. And BGR deserves that chance as well.


(Disclaimer: My menu sampling was complimentary, and all thoughts are my own.)