Best BBQ in Texas

Best BBQ in Texas

This past weekend I completed the Central TX BBQ Tour in search of the Best BBQ. Chevy Texas asked me to participate as part of their Chevy Mancations campaign. If you would have told me I would have eaten at seven BBQ places in less less than two days I would have never believed you but this was a great experience.

Here’s the list of places we hit:

  1. Snows BBQ, Lexington, TX
  2. Louie Mueller BBQ, Taylor, TX
  3. Kreuz Market, Lockhart, TX
  4. Blacks BBQ, Lockhart, TX
  5. Smitty’s Market, Lockhart, TX
  6. City Market, Luling, TX
  7. Franklin BBQ, Austin, TX
Now these places have unbelievable BBQ. There is a reason all of these places are blogged about and folks wait in very long lines for in hours. The fact Snows and Franklin BBQ opens at a fixed time and closed as soon as they run out. Visiting these places is also a lesson in Texas history. BBQ is very much a part of the heritage and culture of Texas and to have visited these places is something to put on the Bucket list. My favorite was Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor pictured above.

See the Trip in Pictures:

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Now the voting starts for the best Mancation. There were two other competitors who participated from Austin and San Antonio.
I would love to represent you in Texas for the best Mancation.
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