Jimmy's Food Store
Jimmy's Food Store

There are a couple essential food stops one has to find when moving to a new city. When I moved to Dallas last year I had to find where to get local meat, where a great Farmer’s Market is, and where the ethnic grocery stores are.

My culinary needs are not met until I find an Italian market. My grandmother is first generation Italian and my mom’s lasagna is a family favorite. So, making great Italian food requires stuff you can’t find at Tom Thumb or even Whole Foods.

After an online search, I came across Jimmy’s Food Store. It’s a small, old-world looking market in East Dallas. The area is a bit rough, but parking is fairly easy and the market is usually packed.

Unfortunately, the store needs some work. Great wine, oil and vinegar selections but the cheese selection doesn’t include fresh ricotta (you have to go to Central Market for that) and the pasta is not fresh. There are a lot of frozen ravioli and other stuffed pasta options and a few refrigerated factory fresh selections, but it’s nothing like a great Italian market I used to go to weekly in Detroit.

6" Muffaletta, I believe it's 6" diamater.
I can only eat half

The sandwiches are legendary. My personal favorite, as if the blog title didn’t already give it away, is the muffaletta. For those unfamiliar with the muffaletta, it is an Italian sandwich made with olive salad and layers of capicola, salami, pepperoni, emmentaler, ham and provolone. Jimmy’s Food Store makes the best one in town and possibly the best version I’ve had anywhere.

So if you want to take a break from tacos, tex-mex, and barbecue, a Muffaletta sandwich is a great option at $6.99.

Website: http://www.jimmysfoodstore.com/
Location: 4901 Bryan Street at Fitzhugh – Dallas TX, 75206
Phone: 214.823.6180