I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’m a sucker for contests. Not only contests where I could win something, but contests to vote for other people (even complete strangers) to win intrigue me. So…. when I heard about Pillsbury’s Bake-Off contest, where some lucky person (albeit a stranger) could win $1 MILLION. Seriously? If I knew there was this kinda dough (pun intended) involved I might have polished up on my Food Nerd skills at a younger age.

Voting site: bakeoff.com

The Scoop: Beginning May 12, 2011, America will have the opportunity to vote for 10 of the 20 original recipes posted on www.bakeoff.com. The recipes will be posted in pairs every two weeks and during each two-week period, consumers will have the opportunity to cast their vote for their favorite of the two recipes. At the end of two weeks, the home cook whose recipe receives the most votes in each pair will become a finalist in the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest taking place in Orlando, Florida from March 25-27, 2012…getting one step closer to the $1 million grand prize. The contest will feature 100 original recipes-90 recipes whose creators will directly earn a spot at the competition and the 10 winning recipes determined by people like you through. You Be the Judge!

I could tell you which one I voted for but… Oh also, did I mention there is a bunch of fun recipes in 7 different categories in the event you are so voting motivated.