As I write this post, and scroll through the pictures, my mouth is watering. Reflecting back on such an AWESOME event is making me super hungry, not even going to lie. If you’ve never been to a TGI Fridays Bartender Championship, here is what to expect.




First and foremost, some delicious cocktails! After you get tickets for the event, drinks are on the house (as is pretty much everything else). They have a list of suggested cocktails for you to order, but its pretty much an open bar with a plethora of choices.



IMG_5365 (1)

The competition is fierce! After the finalists introduce themselves, they head up on stage and create 5 cocktail. Each of which are the judges’ choosing. They are judged on not only the taste of the drinks, but their bar-side manner and if they can get it all done in a certain amount of time!


This was the first year a woman won the event and man was she excited! The crowd was all cheering her on, alongside her competitors/friends on stage!


Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, the food. When I tell you that it didn’t stop, I mean it. There were people coming around every other minute with a tray of new food for everyone to try! Needless to say, being the food nerd that I am, I tried pretty much everything.








I’m pretty happy about the fact that I can’t tell you what my favorite food was. It was all good! The event was super fun and full of high energy too, which made for an awesome night! They hold this championship every year and I totally plan on making it to future ones!

Disclaimer: I received tickets to this event in exchange for a write-up, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.